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Jan 22, 2007 01:57 AM

Coffee Shops in Seattle/Tacoma that have Free Internet

Looking for coffee shops that have free internet,with the computers already there.Any type of connection will do even dial up,just want a computer to tweak on while I'm drinking coffee somewhere besides the house.
(Seattle/Tacoma and surrounding cities)

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  1. While I am personally not a huge fan of their coffee if you need them to have a computer I would go to Online Coffee Company They have several locations and if you buy a cup I think the first 1⁄2 hour or so is free. Again this would not be my first, or second or third choice for a quality coffee it seems they would fit your bill.
    If on the other hand you have a laptop you will be able to connect wirelessly at many of Seattle’s finer coffee houses. Here is a link to a recent discussion

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    1. Panama Tea and Coffee is my favorite coffee/tea shop ever and has free wireless. 607 s. main street in Seattle, between Yesler and Jackson. Try the chai latte - they'll make it caf or decaf, and they'll grate soem fresh nutmeg on the top. It's a wonderful space - wood floors, smells good, comfortable seats, interesting people. I love it.

      1. The Panama Tea House (Coffee, Pastries, Sandwiches) is perhaps the finest cafe in the entire city. That they have free wireless is even more of a reason to go there. This is an undiscovered jewel where you'll get peace and quiet, great food and bevs, anytime. They were also voted one of the top ten bathrooms in the city a couple years ago. In addition, while there, don't be afraid to go upstair to the Panama Hotel and ask to see a room. You'll think you just arrived in Europe. You can also schedule a tour of the last Japanese bath preserved from pre-internment in the city, located underneath the Teahouse. Props to seattledebs for giving up the goods.