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Jan 22, 2007 01:51 AM

fun restaurant for a bachelorette party

I'm planning my very good friend's bachelorette party. she want's to go to a restaurant that's fun, has good food, and good drinks. she's a major foodie, she's paractically been everywhere! any suggestions where we can go? there will probably be about ten of us. It's not till march, but I wanted to start thinking about it. so if there's anything opening soon that's sounds like what I'm looking for....
simon la is out just incase you were thinking that. bad experience there the last time. but that type of atmosphere, fun drinks, (but better food)nice restaurant. I was thinking in the hollywood area.

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  1. Asia de Cuba on Sunset can be a great place, plus Sky Bar is right across the pool, so you can eat and play!

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      I thought about that, but she went there for her sister's bachelorette's party. I didn't want to repeat the same thing.

      1. re: dajmont

        "asia de cuba" and "good food" are mutually exclusive anyhow.

    2. How many people are there? The bungalow club in West Hollywood can be really fun, decent food, high energy but not too expensive if every one is paying for themselves. They also have private cabanas.

      1. It's probably not what you had in mind. But, Moun of Tunis, (a cozier and less expensive Dar M'Grebs) ask for a private room. The decor, sitting almost on the floor, eating with your hands from communal plates. It's a hoot. Everyone I've taken from out of town still talks about it years later. It's as Hollywood as you can get. Get the fun drinks at Yamashiro's first.

        1. I would suggest Buffalo Club in Santa Monica. I went there recently for part of my bachelorette party and had a great time. Great drinks, menu, and afterward there is a great dj and dancing. And you get treated fabulously if you let them know the occasion.

          1. How about Nic's (Nick's?) in Beverly Hills? Good food. Always fun. And they've got the vodka cave that is a kick to visit.