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Jan 22, 2007 01:45 AM

chow in Guntersville / Albertville area?

Hey Alabama hounds!

A few of us from out of town are going to be in the Guntersville/Albertville area all next week and I was wondering if you all had any recommendations of places to eat (or even just of places to avoid) nearby.

Breakfast and lunch will be onsite at the office where we're working, so I'm looking for dinner - any price range or variety of cuisine. We'll most likely be working fairly late so a 30-minute drive is probably about as far as we could go. Recommendations for a friendly, relaxing bar with good boiled peanuts wouldn't go amiss either!

So far I've seen mentions of Squig's BBQ and Top of the River in Guntersville, and Catfish Cabin in Albertville - any additional opinions on those places?

Thanking you all in advance,


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  1. Top of the River is great for good ole fried seafood. Tried their fried dill pickle slices . . . sounds odd, but surprisingly delicious. The ambience is similar to that of a seasoned crab shack on the ocean. Nothing fancy, but wait times (especially on the weekend) indicates the popularity of this restaurant.

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      We can also now add Gadsden, because that's where the hotel is! Any other good chow around there?

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        I lived in Gadsden for 2.5 years, and it is a culinary wasteland. It's possible there are some new places since 2003, but I'm not too hopeful. If you want good to exceptional food, you'll have to go to Birmingham, 60 minutes away but totally worth it.

    2. We had good food and a good time at Craw Mama's located on 431 South, near/next to the Days Inn.

      1. I have heard Squig's was good, but I am not sure it is open any more. Top O the River gets mixed reviews - we've been there several times and the visits have been split between pretty good and terrible. Much of their menu is fried. Catfish Cabin in Albertville has been popular for years - has mostly fried items, but I understand they are trying to develop a healthier menu.