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Jan 22, 2007 12:44 AM

downtown rustic italian for a party of 8

looking for recomondation for a downtown (ideally in the village) italian place that can accomidate a party of 8 with:

-good food
-character and a warm feeling
-resonably priced


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  1. Take a look at I Coppi - tuscan place on 9th/A

    1. Le Zie immediately comes to mind but it is not in the Village. Crispo can accomodate a larger party if you reserve with a few days notice. Borgo Antico also comes to mind but I have not been there in a few years. Crispo and Borgo are both on the northern fringe of the village.

      1. Sounds like Il Buco but I believe it gets mixed reviews on this board.

        1. La Piadina...not sure about the size though.

          1. Definitely Bianca. I once went with a group of 8 and we had an amazing time. Each had an app and a pasta, shared dessert and three bottles of wine, and when we split the bill it was only about $45 or $50 a person. PS: Get the lasagna bolognese.