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Jan 22, 2007 12:38 AM

back to Fiesta Tepa Sahauyo - Watsonville

On our way down to Big Sur we made our first meal stop at the old Chowhound fave: Fiesta Tepa Sahauyo (FTS) It's still a great experience ..... like the chips and the roastsed tomato salsa, the pineapple agua fresca is good and comes in it's own pitcher and you have to try the flour tortillas which are vastly superior to most you'll come across. I ordered the tamales plate: one stuffed with a ground beef, one with huitlacoche and one with a tasty shrimp filling. You'll notice that the tamales are wrapped by a pasilla pepper instead of corn husks - the peppers add flavor and some heat. Here's a photo - yup, it's that good!

15 First St. Watsonville, CA

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  1. Thanks for the update and mouthwatering photo, gordon! IIRC, that's the pipian dish? Since you said "our", did your companion try something else? I haven't been to FTS in far too long. We were in the neighborhood the other day and decided to try Los Molcajetes across the street instead. Report forthcoming...

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      CL, yes you are right - the trio of tamales is the pipian dish. And you're also correct to notice my use of "our" - Janice had the trio of enchiladas with the rose petal sauce .... but she asked for the enchiladas to be made with the lighter crepe wrapper and she got different fillings: one squash flower filling (very tasty) one huitlacoche and one shrimp, IIRC. She was very happy.

      1. re: gordon wing

        Thanks for the additional detail and photo! Enchiladas w/ rose petal sauce sounds interesting. The three enchilada fillings that you describe parallel the fillings in one of my favorite trio dishes at FTS--their empanadas! Last time that I ate there they didn't have huitlacoche, so it's nice to see it back on the menu.

    2. I had the tamale trio as well on my last visit a couple of months back. the pepper wrapping was a pleasant surprise, as were the 3 distinct sauces accompanying the tamales (& can be seen in your pic). Besides just enjoying the chowing-down part, it was such an interesting dish to pick apart and 'figure out', what with all the different flavors
      I definitely want to try those empanandas Carb Lover mentions, next time.