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May 11, 2005 03:28 PM

Knife skills class

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Someone here was asking about a knife skills class in the Bay Area, and I just found one.

Looks like she's done classes before. Has anyone here taken one? I'd be tempted, except its the same day as Bay to Breakers, and I don't think I will be up for it.


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  1. I recently took a basic and advanced knife skills class at Sur La Table cooking store. Found it the basic calss to be just that, but none the less helpful. The second or advanced knife skills class was a bit more fun. Both were hands on and enjoyable and got my knives sharpened for free.

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      Pius Avocado III

      Dr. Biggles of Meathenge fame has often posted on Shuna Lydon's class...


      1. My husband and I took Shuna's knife class and would recommend them. She knows her stuff and the inside the restaurant kitchen stories are fun. And the supreme'ing the citrus - so simple and yet so fun - for days after the class we did it with every piece of citrus we could get our hands on!

        1. Fatemeh, we asked you to leave the site because you were posting a profusion of shill testimonials for friends. We're sorry to see you continuing the same behavior under alias (your link reveals that this class is being hosted in your home).

          Please cease and desist from these actions.

          Note to onlookers: yes, we're 100% sure.