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Jan 22, 2007 12:10 AM

Zaleck's does it again and again

A big thank you to those of you who have directed us toward this little gem in Wakefield. Although we haven't really explored the menu, I've become addicted to the wonderful Greek plate. For just under $6 you can savor a gyro made with lovely fresh, soft pita, tender, juicy lamb, tomatoes and tzatziki. Accompaning this hearty sandwich are a Greek salad with crisp, fresh lettuce, olives, tomatoes and feta and 5 fabulous grape leaves......the best I've ever had. They have a subtle hint of mint that really nudges them to greatness in my book.

It's a 20+ mile r/t from our home to my new favorite sandwich and I arrive home frustrated by the drive and telling myself this is too far to go for take out. After the first bite though, I know I'm going to be hitting the road again when the craving returns.

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  1. I really like this place as well. It's a short drive from my office, so I'm grateful to whoever reviewed it here first. In addition to the great food, the people who run the place are wonderful. I was short on cash one day and tried to pay with my card. Unfortunately they do not accept cards. No problem. The girl at the register told me to sit and eat and then bring the cash in after or the next day if that worked out better. There are at least 3 banks in the area so I got cash and came right back. These little things go a long way in the customer service department.

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    1. re: Ali G

      Is there a menu online anywhere? I have tried to find without success.

      Also, does anybody have their address? Thanks in advance.

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        I don't think there is an online menu. It is at 21 Princess Street, which is behind the center (if you're heading northbound on Main Street, it's to the right, down a little side street).

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        So glad you like it -- they are really sweet people. They used to own Nick's Roast beef in Davis Square and your story about the cash doesn't surprise me at all.

      3. glad to see more and more finding this place... First time we went, months ago, also had the cash situation and were told the same thing. Just was there a couple days ago. It is consistently great food, which is rare these days... If you don't eat meat, you can ask for a shrimp gyro even though it's not on the menu..It's delicious and really nice for a non-meat eater to be able to eat a gyro again. Best seafood around...

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          This restaraunt is floating around here a lot under various threads, and not all have it's name in the title so I picked this one with the name in it to give some Zalek's news(my only problem is that I can never remember if it's Zaleks or Zalecks no mattter how much i go there!)...and it's both ways here too.. Anyways, starting after Easter they are going to be expanding their already great menu to include steaks, rib eye, porterhouse, filet etc. (for a veggie, i did pretty well naming them!) and swordfish, mahi mahi, tuna etc will be added as staples rather than just as specials. And best part is an expansion of the sides! I think things like the feta stuffed peppers, roasted or some kind of potatoes that aren't fries, sweet potato fries, etc. They already have a great assortment of salads and the jasmine rice is great, and they will likely have that more often too. My hubby who doesnt like rice, wants to go back whenever they have the jasmine rice. Looking forward to more stuff even though i havent tired of the old stuff!

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            ooh- feta stuffed peppers sound great. Have not made it to Zaleks yet, but it is on my l ist of places to try. thanks for the heads up

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              Thanks for the report Chompie, I am so glad to see this place getting so much attention lately...

                1. re: emilief

                  Wakefield MA- I think it on Princess Street- behind CVS and across from the police station.

          2. I had to jump in on this one too. In addition to everything mentioned from the menu, keep in mind the specials. I had to return two days in a row because I saw they had a striped bass special. You don't see it that often and it's hardly ever done right. This was done perfectly. I know I'll be checking out the specials this Friday.

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              I just had to report back on my dinner at Zaleks dinner last night.

              I was there last year, and had the North Shore Seafood Pie, which is on the menu.
              Last night, I had the special, which was Halibut in a white wine and tomato reduction, jasmine rice with pineapple, and a mescalin salad with sun dried tomatoes. It was wonderful, albeit a 20 minute wait, and a steal for 14.95!
              My friend, who was very short on cash, and wouldn't accept any from me, went with their Grilled Margarita pizza - 5.95!!! A single sized pizza, with fresh slice tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil. The pizza could have fed two, as my friend took half home.

              I really do love this little gem of a restaurant. Last night, the phone was ringing off the hook, with take-out orders, which seem to be most of the customers do. We were there around 5:30pm, and there were two other diners there.

              I think the longish wait time, is due to the fact that they have 1 chef, and 1 waitress. And everything is cooked to order.

              Just remember, they are a cash only restaurant. I forgot, and went to CVS next door to get money, after I placed my order.

              Oh, a friend of mine went last week, and the Special was Artic Char........


            2. wow, thanks all, this place sounds fabulous. I love the sound of it. Have to remember when I'm traveling in that area.

              1. Have managed to try Zalek's now, and here's my take on it:

                Excellent: Bourbon steak tips (medium-rare) - so amazing I went back two days later to get them again. Mesclun salad with sundried tomatoes. Pineapple jasmine rice (much tastier than standard rice). Grilled asparagus special side (although they only gave 4 spears).

                I think the grape leaves were pretty good but nothing special. However, I'm not a huge grape leaves fan overall, so I'll put them somewhere in between excellent and decent.

                Decent: French fries (fairly standard, but tasted good when they had been sitting under the steak tips and got marinade on them). Onion rings (adequate, but I've had much worse) - note that they only gave 4 to accompany the steak tips. Teriyaki steak tips (for some reason, cooked more than the Bourbon tips - possibly a marinade difference). Cole slaw was okay (a little gloppy for me).

                Didn't like much: Salmon (from the regular menu) - kind of salty and maybe a little overcooked? Standard salad that comes with steak tips (but I'm a bit of a salad snob - they substituted the mesclun the second time without a problem).

                I'm looking forward to giving them another try on fish with some of their new specials (or if you want another place to get really good not too expensive fish, try Something Savory in Arlington Heights), or at least try the fish and chips. I'm also guessing their burgers will be good, since they cook to order and say they grind the meat fresh. That is, if I can manage to tear myself away from the Bourbon steak tips (really, they were that good).

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                  my dad in law just was raving about steak tips at the Century House (and he is usually always disappointed with steak tips) He had the med rare but said they were crispy on the outside and loved them. Are the ones at Zaleks like that? Im a veggie so what do I know? I will have to get them for him regardless of whether they are crispy or not.. I wonder if they travel well for takeout, being 45 min from him. By the way, they have like 6 kinds of salad and tons of dressing so you can ask to sub any salad. At least I do and they do it willingly. hope they dont mind that I am telling you all to do it! I'm sure they wouldnt at all since they are so nice. Surprised at the salmon. I was getting over the bug and very fussy and loved the salmon. It was very moist, nice grill flavor, not salty at all, and not at all fishy.. barely had that salmon flavor.. just a great fresh fish flavor. Then again, it was a cajun salmon special and i asked for it without the cajun, and was asked if i wanted lemon and oil and just asked for oil. maybe you had lemon and it seemed saltier?? Had the greek salad with it and the yummy jasmine rice and they threw in sweet baby carrots. My hubby has been a veggie like me for years and even HE is thinking of trying their burger! The rolls are good..had em with my fish sandwich..