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Jan 22, 2007 12:08 AM

Royal China (Metairie) for dim sum?

anyone been recently?

can anyone compare it to SF or NYC dim sum?

anywhere else in NO that can be recommended for dim sum?



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  1. Don't compare it to SF or NYC dim sum. It is pretty good, esp in the context of NOLA area Chinese options. No carts, just a big laminated photo-chart menu. Often other Chinese dining in, which is a good sign. Salt & pepper squid (I'm probably getting the name wrong) is delicious. So try it out and if it disappoints, Houston's myriad & excellent Chinese options are just 7 hours away.

    1. Thanks for the response Celeste.

      Is there a special dim sum menu or is it just the menu on their website?

      Royal China:



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      1. re: HeBeGB

        Yes, there is a special dim sum menu, laminated plastic sheet with photos. If you go during dim sum hours, you get the dim sum menu in addition to the regular menu.

      2. Agree with the previous post. Can not compare Royal China to SF dim sum. But from what I remember of New Orleans, isn't Royal China the only place there that serves a decent dim sum? I remember there was a hole-in-the-wall place in New Orleans East (Hong Kong East off Read Blvd, behind the McDonald's, behind Ruby Lama's on the service road) that also served dim sum. Anyways, why drive SEVEN hours to Houston when you can fly to SF in FIVE hours? SF dim sum ranks better than Houston's. IMO

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        1. re: SumoSizeMe

          I agree as well, it's the best in Nola, but not on the level of Tom Kiang or Yank Sing in SF. Actually, some of the best is from the small shops in Chinatown.

          1. re: bembom

            Yes, as far as dim sum goes in New Orleans, this is the best deal you're going to get. However, I find the service slow and unhospitable, but sometimes you just have to suck it up in order to eat what you want. They have most of the dishes you would find in Houston, NYC, and SF dim sum restaurants, but some of them just don't taste the same, such as the tripe or the chicken feet.