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Best Indian Downtown?

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A friend recently recommended Banjara on 1st Ave., but the reviews I found on-line were not that great. Just moved from LA and looking for a good stand-by Indian restaurant south of 23rd st.


-- chase66

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  1. try mitali on w6th and 2nd. aside from mitali, that neighborhood is known as indian row and has some of the best indian restaurants all on one block. not all of them are super pricey. try menupages.com for reviews and menus. you can also select on neighborhoods below W23. good luck!

    1. Saravanaas (actually on 26th ) offers amazing South Indian vegetarian cuisine.

      1. Banjara is one of the best on that stretch. Not mind-blowing, but not too greasy and very consistent.

        1. raj mahal 322 6th st & 2nd ave - cheap and good! $8.95 dinner special..

          1. Went to Banjara on New Year's Day and thought it was excellent (this was not our first visit).

            1. I'm a fan of Cafe Spice, on University Place. Moderately priced, multi-regional, same owners as Dawat. I haven't tried Banjara or Brick Lane, which do get good notice on this board, but in general Indian food on 6th Street is about as bad as it gets. Madras Cafe on 2nd Ave is excellent South Indian. But I'd agree that Saravanaas is the best South Indian.

              I've never understood the folks who claimed (for years) that Mitali & Haveli were any better than the rest of the joints on 6th Street.


              1. haven't been for awhile but Haveli was one of my favs. 100 2nd Ave (Cross Street: Between 5th Street and 6th Street)