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Moving to Pelham - delivery, take out - where do you go?

Moving to Pelham in a month and need suggestions for delivery and take-out in the area. Doesn't have to be right in Pelham, but within 15 minutes or so.


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  1. I don't know where in Pelham you'll be moving, but, I will make a recommendation for some quick take-out that you can reheat at home. I won't make any restaurant recs because many of them that I have visited have all been inconsistent.

    While you're settling in, and hopefully have accessiblity to a microwave, try:
    Battaglia Brothers of North Avenue
    138 North Ave
    New Rochelle, NY 10803
    Tel./ Fax: (914) 633-3382

    This is a great little Italian deli and butcher shop that has prepared foods for you to reheat at home. Just minutes from Pelham. This place is a great find and will surely help you satisfy your hunger for the first couple of weeks during your move. Their food is well prepared and relatively inexpensive. $5-$6 an entree/order! Buy a *few* orders and pig out - refrigerate the rest. The prepared entrees are over by their meat section (on the right as you walk in).

    Website: http://www.battagliabrothers.com/inde...

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood!

      There's amazing Mexican food (take-out and delivery) just over the line in New Rochelle. My favorites (with addresses) are in this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/330138
      FYI: Main Street in New Rochelle, is the same as Route 1. If you enjoy Mexican food, make a quick foray to pick up take-out menus. Most of the places are walking distance from each other.

      Pizza, pizza everywhere! One can overdose on pizza around here. I'm not crazy about take-out pizza, but Modern does a good job. Again, just over the line in New Rochelle, a block off Route 1, 633-9479. Pelham has no dearth of pizza parlors of its own.

      Yvonne's in Pelham is a sit-down place for southern inspired food. Fried chicken, greens, black eyed peas, corn bread, etc. Once in a great while I'll go for the Thursday evening buffet. But every six weeks or so, I have to have a take-out order of the pig's feet. They're at 503 Fifth Avenue (Pelham's Main St.). Grab a take-out menu from there.

      The food market, De Cicco's (called C-Town by residents of long standing) has a steam table at lunch time that isn't bad, and you can put together a nice salad there too. Good selection of cheese, olives, and a deli. Their beer selection is wonderful.

      I second Battaglia Brothers, and throw in the Bread Factory in New Rochelle, for amazingly wonderful bread.

      When you get tired of unpacking, take a stroll around town. Our breakfast spot, the Pelham Cafe, was lost to a landslide a few years ago, but it will be re-opening in a new location on Fifth Avenue. There's talk of a new Jamaican place too. Now that's NEWS!

      1. Has anyone eaten at B & B's 5th Avenue Pub or Big Mikes Pelham Grille a few blocks north of Yvonne's?

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          I get the names confused but I at the one on the west side of the street. They had a standard bar food menu. They also had several specials. My co-worker & I had burgers & they were very good. Also the presentation was nice & their ingredients were fresh. I would sum it up by saying that it seems they excelled in what they do- & afterall that's how it should be.

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            Had some good apps there last night. Two good chicken appetizers and the nachos. Everything was good. Had the Shepherd's pie (well wahtever they call it, it didn't have lamb), and while it was good, it wasn't great. A little too watery, but it had decent flavor. Good mashed on top. Enjoyable experience once again.

          2. Try Red Lotus thai--they deliver to New Rochelle, Pelham and Larchmont and their menu is online at www.redlotusthairestaurant.com

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              And they are sooo expensive. $17-19 for a curry or pad thai, $9 for a satay app, $6 for a small soup, $10 for papaya salad, $14 for larb... Even the takeout menu, which has items $1-2 cheaper is still way too expensive.

            2. What is great about Pelham is the proximity to New Rochelle for all the great Mexican and South American places, AND that you are less than 15 minutes from Flushing, Queens, Northern Blvd, etc. Just a few minutes down the Hutch and over the Whitestone bridge, then a short hop on the Van Wyck or Grand Central and you are in Queens, chow central for NY. I live five minutes farther north in Bronxville and I go to Queens several times a week. (But not during rush hour which can be insane)

              Within your stated 15 minutes you have a huge area to explore. Besides the places mentioned in Pelham, New Rochelle, and Larchmont; you also have Yonkers (the 4th largest city in the state) and Eastchester, Mamaroneck, and all the rest of Southern Westchester. Even White Plains isn't more than 20 minutes. So welcome and enjoy.

              1. I second everything Pat Hammond says above - I have a weakness for the sandwiches at Modern Pizzeria. Good luck navigating the back streets to get to their parking lot, however.

                We also like Yvonne's both for dining in and takeout - it's a nice restaurant, exceedingly pleasant staff and the buffet is better than you would expect. Yvonne's isn't cheap, however. Haven't tried the trotters but will now!

                For slices, we're fond of the place across from Huguenot Church at Four Corners. The wine shop there isn't bad if you want to grab something while you wait for the pizza.

                I've never found a restaurant that wouldn't provide take-out, so I would throw in Cafe Regatta on 5th Ave in Pelham, although I've never done takeout from there. We've had good dining experiences there although it's quite expensive.

                In general, Pelham's dining options are pretty weak unfortunately. The posts above about nearby towns and Queens/Bronx are more to the point. I'm very fond of Bronxville for dining out - you can take local roads there in about 5 minutes depending on where you live. I'm particularly fond of II Bacio Trattoria - really everything this is good (especially the gourmet pizzas and the bolognese) and they do nice takeout. It's a great date night out - go to the Bronxville theater (generally sophisticated movies shown) and a stroll over to Il Bacio Trattoria. Nice ice cream for dessert, too.

                Rangoli, a Pelham institution, has reopened after the landslide (which has ruined a big chunk of Pelham's downtown) right across the line in New Ro on Main Street (or is it Huguenot Street? You'll figure it out). We had TERRIBLE takeout from there the other day but it's generally a good restaurant and has been well reviewed in its new incarnation by others. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

                Can other Pelhamites or neigbors comment on actual real delivery? Most of the places above are takeout - I'm a capable cook and would rather whip something up rather than deal with the nuisance of takeout in general. I miss the Upper West Side - I could call 30 places and within 30 minutes have food at my door...

                I'd be curious if JMF could highlight some of the better resources in Queens - I know Arthur Ave but haven't explored Queens. Also, I know the Mexican places in New Ro but wonder about South American - I think I spied a Peruvian restaurant at some point but haven't tried it.

                Mark in Pelham

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                  There's a place on Lawton, one shop in from Main in N.R., called Cholo(s). Not sure about that 's'. Is it Peruvian? I ate there only one time, but liked it. They have that wonderful purple corn drink. ( I usually don't post until I've tried a place at least twice.) Have you been there, Mark?

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                    That's the place I had in mind - I'll have to give it a try and report back.

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                    I know that Modern delivers, and so does Little Mexican Cafe. There's probably some kind of minimum.

                  3. I've lived in Pelham for almost 21 years. The other post was right -- there isn't a large selection of really "out of this world" restaurants, but there are a few that are well known throughout the area for being quite delicius. The best restaurants are La Fontanella (very elegant Italian), Villa Nova (haven't eaten there, but heard it's excellent!) and Yvonne's for soul food (great entertainment on the weekends, I believe). (Rangoli is awesome, but it's in New Ro now).

                    For Asian, there's Edo (Hibachi) and Pelham Palace (both are good). C

                    Cafe Regatta has gotten a lot of buzz, but I was extremely disappointed when I went. Will never go back... If I want great fish, I'll drive the 20 minutes to dine at Port Chester's F.I.S.H. (which is delightful!)

                    For coffee, skip Steam and head to Bronxville for Slave to the Grind. If you insist on going to Steam, order a salad and stay away from the sandwiches/paninis! I repeat, stay away from the sandwiches. ;)

                    If you want the laid-back, All American, pub fare, the two best places are undoubtedly Rockwell's (great burgers) and Chelsea's on Fifth (burgers are not as good as Rockwell's BUT they have awesome wings!)

                    For the best pizza, there is none other than Pelham Pizzeria (Marcello's is AWFUL; I think the only reason why it's still in business is because they deliver.. oh, and they're the only ones to make zeppoli) and maybe Villagio's (fyi: don't go to Villagio's for lunch during the week -- it's overrun by the high school kids!).

                    p.s. for grocery shopping, DeCicco's is better than Gristedes (though more expensive). for a nice sandwich, try the Depot Market (deli), the deli by the high school, and Provisions (more upscale... great for lunch with a girl friend or your mom). for ice cream, skip the local Haagen Daas and drive up to Rye for Longford's!

                    1. oh I almost forgot! there's a new "upscale" jamaican restaurant where Rangoli used to be. have only eaten there once when they first opened, but (as someone whose roots are in Jamaica) I thought the food was great!

                      1. of all of these restaurants, the only one that delivers is Pelham Palace. But take-out is always an option. Luckily, no matter where you live in Pelham, no restaurant will be more than a 5-minute drive away!

                        1. this restaurant had the best wings ever, there food is amazing and deff should be delivered...