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Jan 21, 2007 11:25 PM

Recs for romantic dinner by Hummingbird

My partner and I will be going to see the Soweto Gospel Choir at the Hummingbird Centre on a Tuesday night at the end of February and are looking for a romantic restaurant for dinner. As we're saving our Valentine's Day dinner for that night, price isn't an object. Looking forward to suggestions.

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  1. Lots of restaurant choices near the Hummingbird. If budget isn't a concern you could try Bymark or Canoe. Less expensive, but excellent food getting a lot of great reviews on this board is Trevor on Wellington. Another thought is Toba on King East - good food and smaller, more intimate atmosphere.

    1. I haven't actually eaten in the dining room but Trevor is quite good and very close by. The bar area is certainly dark and loungey (if that works as romantic for you) and the food is very good.

      1. Biff's is kinda romantic and it's right across the street.