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Jan 21, 2007 10:47 PM

Direct Buy

Has anyone bought appliances/cabinets/other kitchen stuff from this membership store?

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  1. It is a lot of money to join. It is like a high end Costco. I do not see the bargins after a $ 3000 membership fee.

    1. Sorry, but I so not see it being of a benefit for the average homeowner. Prehaps someone with a Castle?

      1. Do some searching elsewhere online. I've heard others report high-pressure sales tactics to join and that it's just not worth it. You'll find a few good reports I suspect, but from what I can discern you have to be interested in buying what they sell and a lot of it, something like building a new house from scratch with a decor that fits what they offer.

        For most of us I suspect it is not at all worth it.

        1. Definitely search. I don't want to actually say it's them b/c I could be wrong, but at some point I remember at watching a sort of "exposé" about a company like this at any rate. If it's them, you'll find more negative reports than you can shake a ten foot pole at with Google, so there'll be no mistaking it.

          IIRC, the bottom line was that if you know exactly what you want and can get a guarantee of getting it before forking over your $$$, it can be a good deal. But there are many traps for the unwary.

          1. I have been a menber for a long time you will save on high end products. Not electronic or applaince unless you live somewhere that does not have a big box discount store for them. I saved 2k of hardwood floors off of Home Depot pricing and about 40% on furnishing my home so far i have saved about 5k but when i joined it was only 990.00 not the 3 k it is now