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Jan 21, 2007 10:21 PM

Never shall I dine at Chikalicious

I was out for a nice dinner with some people and wanted to go there for dessert. They were exceptionally rude.

Unfortunately, I can't comment on the actual food as I didn't actually get the privilege to eat the there. I walked in and asked how long the wait was. The matre'd or whoever he was curtly answered, "47.5 minutes." So I put name down on the self-serve list. As it is a small restaurant, I didn't want to stand INSIDE and stare at people eat. Since it was a 30 degree night, we went to coffee shop nearby and came back in 25 minutes. When I came back with 25 min. left to wait, not only was I skipped over but the waiter came over to basically be rude to me. I asked him if he had gone past us and all he needed to tell me was, "oh yes, sorry." Instead, he asked me who I was and made a point to cross my name out when I was looking at the paper. He then stopped talking to me and when I asked, if I had to wait another 40 mintes, he said, "uh...basically yes." By this time, there were 5 other people ahead of me even though his estimate was wrong. I was so mad. Then tell people it's going to be 45 minutes if you're going to be ready in 15 and then be rude when I come back EARLY instead of hover in your tiny restaurant watching other diners eat.

The attitude was a bit much. Come on, if you're going to take my money, at least pretend to be nice.

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  1. I've never been inside Chikalicious, but have considered going in several times -- every time it was packed, and I realized, "Why bother, when Veniero's is so close?"

    I just can't imagine that it's worth it when the pastry place of my dreams is so close by -- though, to be fair, Veniero's service is somewhat spotty as well. I prefer to think of it as European-esque, though.

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      if veniero's is your idea of pastry heaven, you're not likely to like chikalicious anyway. to say they're different would be an understatement.

    2. No, no, I know -- but I can do haute just as easily. It's just that I don't see a whole lot of point waiting in a cramped space to pay three times Veniero's prices. (Actually, speaking of haute desserts, I just had Bouchon Bakery's lemon tart this weekend. I considered buying another one so I could take it home, eat it, smoke a cigarette and then cuddle with it. )

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        << I considered buying another one so I could take it home, eat it, smoke a cigarette and then cuddle with it.>>

        That's definitely the best review of a dessert I've ever read. Hilarious!

      2. This is reminding me of the DiFara's debate...Chikalicious has a simple, fair system, names on a list. If you leave, you will be skipped. The waiter (usually it's Chika's husband, alhough I can't imagine him being rude) was probably too busy to explain it to you, but it is fairly well explained on the sign and by asking anyone else who is waiting. Yes, waiting outside is suboptimal in the cold, but what can they do about it?
        Chika's desserts in my experience are delicious, inventive, light and wonderful. I find the wine pairing a nice deal. No, you are not going to be stuffed full or cream and chocolate so don't go there if that is what you are looking for. Worth the wait to me, and definitely on a different planet than Veniero's.