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Jan 21, 2007 10:08 PM

67 Burger

So I went (finally) to 67 Burger. I got a bacon cheeseburger and my daughter got ann Italian chicken sandwich. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her chicken - which is kind of beside the point at a restaurant that specializes in "burgers." Anyway, I like to think it was a fine burger. I am sure that I would have enjoyed it more if the temperature was what I had wanted. I don't know who's fault it was since I didn't call in the order - my chicken eating daughter did - but instead of having a medium burger, the ticket said medium well and by the time I ate the thing it was way into the realm of "well-doneness." With all of that being said, I was encouraged by the product that I ate and am more than willing to go back and try again. I will make my daughter at least try a burger next time - otherwise, what's the point?

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  1. I've been to 67 Burger twice and I've been very happy both times. I've had the cheeseburger and the Western burger and I'd rate them both above average. Both times I got the medium rare that I ordered.
    I haven't tried the shakes yet, does anyone have intel on them?

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      The beer shake (made with Bass Ale) is heaven. Chocolate pretty good too.

    2. the onion rings are very very good.

      does anyone else think that this place is way overpriced, though? i find it a bit ridiculous.

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        I do find it to be a little expensive - but then again my budget isn't as "loose" as that of some of my good, free wheeling friends. Anyway, somebody has to pay for the fancy renovation. It can't be cheap to open and run a new restaurant in New York. At those prices, I'll definately go again but just can't visit often - not for a burger. But that's just me.

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          it's not that i find it prohibitively expensive - i just think the prices are out of wack with what they offer. if they're gonna charge that much for a burger (and i think it's just a decent burger - far from sublime) they should at least throw you some fries or something, instead of charging another $4 for a side. there are many many places where, for the same price, you can get a burger that's just as good, comes with fries, and you can eat it in a nice atmosphere (i think the decor in there is cold and unpleasant - an unsuccessful attempt at modern). anyway, sorry for the rant. i want to like the place, cause the food is pretty good and it's in my neighborhood, but the prices just make me angry.

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          i agree. i posted about this previously. first time i went, my chicken sanwhich with bbq sauce and bacon cost me almost $10, and that was just for a sandwich - no fires, no chips, not even a pickle. add fries and a drink, and we are talking upwards of $16 or $17 for a simple lunch. it's not the end of the world and not ridiculously expensive, i guess, but personally, i would certainbly go back more frequently if i could eat lunch for under $15.

        3. where is this place located? I'd like to try it out

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            67 Lafayette (the triangle created by the intersection of Lafayette, Fulton, and S. Elliott (?)).

          2. We stopped into 67 Burger Saturday night and thought it was good, not outstanding. Here are some details:
            --Burgers were cooked to order. Not the best beef in the world, but pretty tasty.
            --Fries were good, but not spicy as advertised. Onion rings were really great.
            --Owners appeared to be present and helped with the selection of beers. Good thing because the cashier (who also takes orders) didnt know how any of the beers on tap tasted. Funny aside, owners dont seem to know how to use their own computer ordering system. When cashier/order taker stepped away and a customer approached an owner to make an order, the owner clearly was flummoxed by the computer. He had to go over to the cook and just place the order. It was sorta hilaroous.
            --We too noticed the underage cooks. Everybody working in the place seemed to be under 20. We dont have a prob with that but think at least the burger fry guy should be of legal drinking age. These kids looked like they were high schoolers!
            --Place was pretty crowded for Saturday at 7:30. Lots of couples and a few families were there and the place had pretty good foot traffic.
            --We liked the mod feel and it fits with a place that doesn't have waiter service. It also served as well as parents to a 3 year old. You dont have to worry if the kid throws stuff on the floor.
            --Our total tab for 1 turkey burger, 1 cheeseburger, 1 kids burger, 1 fries, 1 onion ring order and 2 beers: $36.
            --Place certainly has room to improve. Overall, we'd rate it a B-. As a sloper, we view this as a good alternative to Bonnie's, which is always very crowded and not too kid friendly. And it's a ton better than the dreaded Johnny Macks.

            1. I think there's just one owner and he owns the whole building - if I'm thinking correctly. As for the spicy fries, they tasted like the Ore-I-Da seasoned fries to me. Next time I will try the onion rings. In terms of being kid friendly, I think one thing he has going is that he offers a kids menu. That's a good feature for child toting familys. It doesn't work for my family though. My youngest doesn't find anything appealing on the kids menu - she's way picky.

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                There is one owner, and in full disclosure, he is a friend of mine. Getting his restaurant up and running was interesting to watch, and he put in a tremendous amount of work. It is good to see the place up and running. Blah blah blah nice friend props ect. ...anyway, my favorite thing to order is the onion rings, so I have not had the fries. cannot speak for anyone else's experience, but my burger is always cooked to order medium rare - which for me is a big deal. I like that he has beers on tap and also wine, something I think he should promote more. I am not defending the pricing, but i am from chicago (I live in carroll gardens) and i guess I sometimes feel if I get a meal for around $20 I am happy, especially if I am full. I admit i am not that familiar with the prices of burgers in the area (but will check out Bonnies). Apparently the blue burger (blue cheese and bacon?) is really good if that sounds up your alley. I also just had the turkey club and it was huge and good! nice offset to the entire order of onion rings I inhaled. I also like Jeff, the main chef, and his ipod.