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I'm wondering if anyone has recommends on a regular Friday fish fry in the Daytona or Flagler area? I've looked a bit and haven't found any in the months I've been here.

In some parts of the country, these typically roll at posts of the VFW or American Legion, etc . . . also Catholic churches often have them in the summer months. Here the weather is suitable year-round so I'm hoping to find some good ones.


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  1. A lot of the Catholic churches in the area do them but just during lent. Our lady star of the sea in New Smyrna has for as long as I can remember. I know that doesn't help but if you can't find one now, you will in late Febuary.

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      That helps! (It doesn't hurt!) Thanks!

    2. if you're ever up for a bit of a drive, there are a couple of fish fry fridays in lake county ---- crazy gator in eustis - went there once and loved it, and i think a marina restaurant in howey - though i've never been to this one http://www.paradiseharbormarina.com/

      1. There's an RJ Gator's coming to Ocean Walk. . .I know they used to do an AYCE fish fry every Friday (or at least the Melbourne location did). Very tasty.

        I know the VFWs/Eagles/etc. in Flagler don't do them on a regular basis. . .BUT Lent is coming, so maybe they'll start. I'll keep an ear out and post back if I hear of one.

        1. There is the Down under right below the Dunlawton bridge. Fish fry heaven

          1. Your in Luck!!! I was in New Smyrna last weekend and saw this in the paper. Fish Fry Friday: American Legion Post 270 will offer a fish dinner from 5-7 p.m. and music from 6-10 p.m. each Friday at the post, 119 Howes St., Port Orange. The dinner will include fries, cold slaw and hush puppies for $7. call (386) 788-6800.

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            1. DID IT.

              We hit the Port Orange Legion Post 270 last night for the regular Friday night Fish Fry event (5-7pm) . . .
              The fish was good and tasty, fairly priced at $7/plate with slaw and fries and hush puppies, all fresh. Drinks were ordered separately at the bar, and were really really cheap, I don't know if it was happy hour pricing, but the bar was FULL and the dining room nearly full. Live entertainment was provided by a lounge singer and many couples were dancing.

              All in all, this is a very good and authentic fish fry experience. Understand the atmosphere is ultra-casual and the dining room is filled with folding tables and pitchers of beer. There was an outdoor area which wasn't open but I'm sure it must be in the summer. The indoor seating area was simply too small for demand, so it's crowded and loud, but that's part of the experience too!