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Jan 21, 2007 09:49 PM


I'm wondering if anyone has recommends on a regular Friday fish fry in the Daytona or Flagler area? I've looked a bit and haven't found any in the months I've been here.

In some parts of the country, these typically roll at posts of the VFW or American Legion, etc . . . also Catholic churches often have them in the summer months. Here the weather is suitable year-round so I'm hoping to find some good ones.


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  1. A lot of the Catholic churches in the area do them but just during lent. Our lady star of the sea in New Smyrna has for as long as I can remember. I know that doesn't help but if you can't find one now, you will in late Febuary.

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      That helps! (It doesn't hurt!) Thanks!

    2. if you're ever up for a bit of a drive, there are a couple of fish fry fridays in lake county ---- crazy gator in eustis - went there once and loved it, and i think a marina restaurant in howey - though i've never been to this one

      1. There's an RJ Gator's coming to Ocean Walk. . .I know they used to do an AYCE fish fry every Friday (or at least the Melbourne location did). Very tasty.

        I know the VFWs/Eagles/etc. in Flagler don't do them on a regular basis. . .BUT Lent is coming, so maybe they'll start. I'll keep an ear out and post back if I hear of one.

        1. There is the Down under right below the Dunlawton bridge. Fish fry heaven

          1. Your in Luck!!! I was in New Smyrna last weekend and saw this in the paper. Fish Fry Friday: American Legion Post 270 will offer a fish dinner from 5-7 p.m. and music from 6-10 p.m. each Friday at the post, 119 Howes St., Port Orange. The dinner will include fries, cold slaw and hush puppies for $7. call (386) 788-6800.

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