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Jan 21, 2007 09:48 PM

yellow mung dal versus yellow split peas

Can anyone help me with the difference between these? i have a very good dal recipe, but it calls for yellow mung dal (which i don't have) ... can i substitute yellow split peas without totally changing the flavor? and if i can, how much longer will the peas take to become soft before tempering, as opposed to the mung (which I think is 40 minutes or so)? thanks!!

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  1. It will taste different--not vastly--but still good. Cooking time IIRC is about the same, maybe a bit less for the peas.

    1. I'd say mung dal would take a shorter time to cook. In fact, I make sure not to cook yellow mung dal in the pressure cooker because it gets too gluey. But I wouldn't worry about cooking yellow split peas in the pressure cooker.

      1. Apart from both being legumes, they're totally different things, from different plants. They look different, cook different and taste different. You could substitute, but basically will have different dishes. Not all seasonings will work equally well with both, though that's probably as much an issue of what you're accustomed to, so might not be a factor for you.

        In my experience, moong dal cooks in about 15-20 minutes - very quick. I've never tried to cook split peas like dal, but I imagine they'd take 45+ minutes. If you mean chana dal, which are different from "split peas" and are a bit smaller, they take about 40-45 minutes in my experience. But until you've done it a few times, the only way to know is taste them for texture.

        If you've soaked them as I usually do (for textural reasons), they cook a bit quicker. If you use a PC, you only need a few minutes at pressure for moong dal. Chana dal takes about 10-12, so I imagine split peas would take a couple of minutes longer than that.