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Recipes that Use Leftover Hot Chocolate/Chocolate Milk Mix?

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I have a couple of half empty canisters of Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate that I don't use because I don't really drink hot chocolate anymore and this hot chocolate tastes more sugary than chocolatey. Are there any good recipes that use pre-sweetened hot chocolate?

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  1. you can buy a neutral mousse mix and add the choc. for a great choc mousse!Also try adding kaluha.

    1. If you have the ground and sweet chocolate cocoa mix there is a great brownie recipe on the back or you can get it from the company website.

      1. I just mix it into plain yogurt.

        But I bet you could add it to cake, quickbread or pancake batter. I do something like that with banana bread. Or add a spoonful to tomato-based sauces and stews for extra depth...

        1. substitute it for the cocoa and sugar in a brownie recipe

          sift then fold into whipped cream: make an icebox cake with lady fingers, sponge cake, or good quality vanilla wafers.

          1. Substitute it as sugar for your morning coffee = Mocha!

            1. If you have the Ghiradelli hot chocolate mix that I am thinking of, (I believe it is labelled as "sweetened cocoa"), you can use it to make the killer brownie recipe that is included on the canister's label. This is my no-fail brownie recipe, and has beat out any others that I've ever tried. I agree with your sentiments, though--I don't like this cocoa for straight up hot chocolate because I too think it is too sweet. Thanks!