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Jan 21, 2007 08:00 PM

Students (on a budget) searching for good steak dinner

We're looking to take a friend out for his birthday tomorrow night (that being a monday, we have to take into account that a lot of places might be closed). We're in search of a good American/Steak restaurant that is nice but obviously not too expensive. We're up at Columbia (116th and Broadway), but willing to travel.
Thanks in advanced for all your help.

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  1. It would have been helpful to know exactly what your per person budget is. That said...

    The steaks at Angelo & Maxie's are quite good, and costs are in the $20's, which is nearly half what you would pay in the top-tier steakhouses.

    1. Ottomanelli's Grill on Lex and 93rd. Doesn't look hip from the outside but cozy enough, and you get a truly great quality prime strip steak with smashed potatoes for only $15. They have killer burgers, and also many decent pastas and chicken dishes to choose from. Tiramisu is quite good too.

      1. its restuarant week this week and next. There were a few steakhouses listed!

          1. Not too far from you is Carne on Bdwy and 105th. Nothing that's going to rock your world but perfectly passable.