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Jan 21, 2007 07:54 PM

Hottest Table Salsa in Austin

Where can I go to get my heat fix? Where is the hottest table salsa in Austin?

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  1. Occassionally Juan in a Million. I say occassionally because sometimes it's not off the charts hot. But oftentimes it's way to spicy for me, although I'll still put a little on my Don Juan Taco.

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      So far they've had the hottest table salsa I've had, though some days it tastes like it's been watered down and as a result is no so good. I think it's habenero based unless they are using something non traditional like thai chilis

    2. To my palate, the salsas at La Regio Montana are the best-tasting hot salsas.

      Their salsas are unusual, by Tejano-style Tex-Mex standards. They use no vinegar, no tomato, no cilantro, no serranos or jalapeños. The dark red one consists of pureed chiles with their seeds. The complex mix—maybe of dried chiles that have been roasted—seems to include cascabeles. The green one is emulsified crema fresca (like sour cream) and green chiles. It contains no whole seeds and is very smooth. I originally thought that it contained avocado, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

      They’re both so good that I keep eating them way past the point of comfort.

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        Good to hear from you MPH,I agree with your assesment based on flavor profile but I was looking for perhaps a Habanero based table salsa that had escaped my attention.Has anyone tried Habanero[on Oltorf]?Also,[re;our previous exchange]did you make it by either Lola's or Tomgro[on Montopolis]?

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          scrumptiouschef, I've tried Habeñero Cafe. Their red table salsa doesn't have the heat that you're looking for. Perhaps they have other salsa options, though.

          I can tell you that their grilled meats are VERY good. Spring for the grilled lengua plate or taco. It's the best lengua dish I've had in town. They also make excellent fajitas rancheras, too, by actually seasoning the meat with the right ranchera spices and grilling it. They're not cheating and dumping a ranchera-like salsa on tough griddled meat, which is what most places do. Here's a link to an earlier review:

          I'm still chowing my way down East Riverside, but Tomgro is on my list when I make it to Montopolis. I did try the fried catfish at Lola's and loved it. Thanks for the tip.


      2. You might try Jorge's on Hancock Drive. They have two - red and green - and the green is a scorcher.

        Having said that, I had some salsa at Guadalajara's in Houston the other week which nearly took my head off.

        1. La Reyna on S 1st is usually pretty hot.

          1. Flores on Ben White used to have sinus-cleansingly hot salsa. I went there recently and noticed that while they've done some redecorating, and while the salsa is still quite good, it had gotten less spicy.

            However, this is just one visit; every other time I've been there, they've had awesomely spicy salsa.