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Fresh live lobster - where to get?

Instead of going to an overpriced, crowded and annoying restaurant for Valentines Day my BF and I decided to stay home and make Surf 'N Turf. Can anyone recommend a good place to get live lobster in West Hollywood/Hollywood/West LA area? I was thinking of going to Santa Monica Seafood, but was wondering if anyone had other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Santa Monica Seafood - ask for a female over 2 pounds

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    1. Asian markets have fresh live lobster for a lot cheaper than Santa Monica Seafood or anywhere like that - usually somewhere between $7.95 and $12.95 a pound. Probably some of the bigger markets in Koreatown will have some, certainly the big San Gabriel Valley markets will have it, and I've had good luck with A Grocery Warehouse on Sunset in Echo Park.

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        What is the name of the grocery warehouse in Echo Park?

      2. 99 Ranch in Van Nuys will probably have it

        1. I second the motion: find yourself a 99 ranch market, or another Asian supermarket. We buy 3-4 lb lobsters for $8.99 a pound at the 99 Ranch market in Irvine. The ones in Little Saigon are even cheaper.
          West-coast lobster are more expensive, about $12.99 lb, but I haven't seen them in there for a while.

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            I went to the 99 Ranch north of Sherman Oaks (on Sepulveda) about a week ago and got a 5lb lobster for $8.99/lb. They chop it up for ya and you cook it when you get home.

            I also had some surprisingly good ones from Ralph's a couple months back. It's a bit more money, but I asked them to cook it and then just steamed it for a bit when I got home. Add some butter and lemon and you got a delicious meal.

            Oh, and 1 more suggestion...Ralph's will sometimes sell chopped up lobster meat in front of the seafood counter in a little container. It's around $10 but it's all meat. Whip up some mashed potatoes, toss on a little melted butter and the lobster, a few shakes of paprika and you have a delicious and filling side dish.

          2. Santa Monica Seafood, Fish King, Ralph's, Gelson's

            1. I'm with everyone else is getting live lobster from an Asian market. It's kindof a hassle to drive that far but you can save about $25 on the lobster alone, and get other inexpensive groceries while you're at it. Last time I did a live lobster run I got a couple good ones from the Arcadia Market on Duarte, just east of Baldwin, in Arcadia. They were $7.99/lb. They had a bigger, better selection of lobsters for a few bucks less per pound than the 99 Ranch Market in Monterey Park had that same day.

              You can have lunch at Din Tai Fung in the mini mall next door, get dessert from JJ Bakery and get lobsters and other great and inexpensive groceries in one trip. That makes the drive way worth it.

              1. Was at 99 Ranch in San Gabriel last night and they were $7.99. Some were just huge. I was sorely tempted.

                1. Any place close to (relatively) Santa Monica?