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Jan 21, 2007 07:45 PM

Fresh live lobster - where to get?

Instead of going to an overpriced, crowded and annoying restaurant for Valentines Day my BF and I decided to stay home and make Surf 'N Turf. Can anyone recommend a good place to get live lobster in West Hollywood/Hollywood/West LA area? I was thinking of going to Santa Monica Seafood, but was wondering if anyone had other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Santa Monica Seafood - ask for a female over 2 pounds

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    1. Asian markets have fresh live lobster for a lot cheaper than Santa Monica Seafood or anywhere like that - usually somewhere between $7.95 and $12.95 a pound. Probably some of the bigger markets in Koreatown will have some, certainly the big San Gabriel Valley markets will have it, and I've had good luck with A Grocery Warehouse on Sunset in Echo Park.

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        What is the name of the grocery warehouse in Echo Park?

      2. 99 Ranch in Van Nuys will probably have it

        1. I second the motion: find yourself a 99 ranch market, or another Asian supermarket. We buy 3-4 lb lobsters for $8.99 a pound at the 99 Ranch market in Irvine. The ones in Little Saigon are even cheaper.
          West-coast lobster are more expensive, about $12.99 lb, but I haven't seen them in there for a while.

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            I went to the 99 Ranch north of Sherman Oaks (on Sepulveda) about a week ago and got a 5lb lobster for $8.99/lb. They chop it up for ya and you cook it when you get home.

            I also had some surprisingly good ones from Ralph's a couple months back. It's a bit more money, but I asked them to cook it and then just steamed it for a bit when I got home. Add some butter and lemon and you got a delicious meal.

            Oh, and 1 more suggestion...Ralph's will sometimes sell chopped up lobster meat in front of the seafood counter in a little container. It's around $10 but it's all meat. Whip up some mashed potatoes, toss on a little melted butter and the lobster, a few shakes of paprika and you have a delicious and filling side dish.

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