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Taco House on RT 70 in NJ (Cherry Hill/Camden area)

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Any feedback on the Taco House on Route 70 in what I believe is Merchantville, NJ, between Cherry Hill and Camden? Have been on the lookout for a good Mexican restaurant in the area, and was wondering if they may be it. Thanks.

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  1. Don't know Taco House.

    Once I found the Mexican Food Factory in Marlton, stopped looking for others in that area.

    1. It's Pensauken on the North side of 70 just before "The Point" where 70 and 38 merge. It's a tiny strip maul with a Gaetano's and a Dunkin' Donuts.

      It's authentic mexican, inexpensive and good. If you want a Tex-Mess crunchy taco it's not here. They are on soft freshly made round tortillas. Three to an order with a variety of ingredients available.

      Their tamales are terrific.

      Try a horchata to drink.

      1. The place is fantastic. The tacos are the real thing. No reason to travel to Philly anymore. The place has wierd hours ofm operation, so check before you go.

        BTW, the Mexican Food Factory, which is own by an American women is just aweful. One step ahead of Don Peublo

        1. Can't agree with you on the Mexican Food Factory.
          It's not Mexican Mexican but rather influenced by New Mexican where the "American women" is from. So don't expect TexMess and don't expect cabeza de cabra. But their mole poblano is wonderful.

          1. "It's not Mexican Mexican"

            I'd say. Just like Chi Chi's is not Mexican Mexican. Pre-portion pre cooked microwaved food a la Red Lobster, plus the store bought tortilla's is not my idea of good. With the continued migration of Mexican imigrants from Morningside Heights in Philly and the burbs, we now have some outstanding choices for Mexican. Try La Esperanza in Gibbsboro, then tell us about The Mexican Food Factory slop.

            1. I've gotta chime in with the praise for Taco House. Run down strip mall, but the friendliest staff and a great comfy atmosphere. I can't vouch for every dish -- the empanadas are a miss -- but they really do the basics right. I can confirm what the others have said about the great tacos and tamales (a touch sweeter than I'm used to, and it really works). They've also got a chorizo burrito that is basically flawless and very satisfying -- generous and substantial, with a good balance of textures and no trace of grease.

              And Mexican Coca Cola with real sugar!

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                Also, they've recently done some nice remodeling ... moving the cold case to free up more seating space, for example. Wonderful comfort food in a comfortable place.

              2. I haven't tried everything there, but the guac is outstanding, made while you wait. I usually go for the Enchiladas de Mole, which are really good. The people who run the place are really nice, and the place is very clean. Not much atmosphere, but good food.

                1. I go there pretty regularly - all the varieties of taco I have tried are very good. No need to go over the bridge.