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Jan 21, 2007 07:19 PM

Severino's Community Butcher-SERIOUSLY GOOD- Mt View Farmer's Mkt.

The Mountain View farmer's market is already my favorite farmer's market around- great prices (as opposed to the Ferry Bldg), huge selection, good hours. And now, they've got a real butcher's stand with all sorts of pig products! I picked up country pate, head cheese (copa de testa), boudin noir, and spare ribs striated with thick, creamy white pork fat- yum. I came home and tore open the vacuum packed country pate to spread all over some Acme. This stuff is incredible- very garlicky but still clean tasting. It's addictive actually. I started eating it without the bread.

Here's their site- they're located in Santa Cruz:

They've been mentioned on Michael Ruhlman's food blog ( and also on the smallfarms/I heard Farms blog (

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  1. That blog is "I Heart Farms," not "heard." Here are two other mentions on the same blog for this farm...
    Pee Wee's Pig Adventure

    Justin Severino Ought to Be Committed

    1. I agree, we bought two pasture-raised pigs over the last year from TLC Ranch and had Justin butcher one and make his pork products from it -- great stuff! It's good to see his stuff more available now. We have a prefer to make our own sausages, but his are decent. His rilettes (from TLC chickens) are particularly good.


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        1. I have to second thejulia's recommendation. Last Sunday, I bought some of their amazing country pate as well as some delicious pork rillettes (hints of meyer lemon, capers, and deep unctuous porky flavor). My favorite so far has been the country pate with chicken confit. I ask, but they don't always have it. They also sell bacon, unfortunately I ran out of money after buying all that pate, but from talking to the stall people, it sounds like bacon making is a loving, time-intensive process for them and I'm sure it would be tasty

          They sell free-range eggs too.

          I was also pleased with some pork cheeks I bought and braised.

          Next week they will have beef since one of the two cows on the property was butchered. The meat has been aging and I can't wait to taste it.

          I love their products and I really appreciate TLC's approach to animal husbandry.

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            Is the country pate the same as the ciccioli? I've tried their ciccioli and it's fantastic! (Better than Fatted Calf, IMHO.) I have to try their boudin noir. They also have a stand at the Sat. Westside Santa Cruz market and Wed. downtown SC market. I hear that they will soon have an actual retail storefront but not sure where/when.

            1. re: Carb Lover

              I'm pretty sure the two are different. I just checked and it's labelled "Pate Campagnola." What's the ciccioli like?

              The pork rillette is really tasty, but doesn't go well with any of the bread I have. So I have been eating little chunks of it straight. YUM.

              1. re: YSZ

                Thanks, I'll have to try that pate then. The ciccioli is pretty rustic in appearance and texture. It reminds me of pork rillette but it's more firm, dry and chunky, and packed into sliced loaf form. It's dotted w/ grated carrot, some herb, maybe some finely diced red bell pepper and green onion (can't recall exactly). The really interesting part is the chunks of lardo that lend a chewy, toothsome texture (an acquired taste for me). The pork flavor is super intense and the veggies and herbs add a fresh brightness to counter the fat. Oh, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it...

                1. re: Carb Lover

                  What are the hours on Sunday and the location of Mountain View farmer's market? Also, is the selection of Severino's products at their SC Market location any different from Mountain View?

                  1. re: Pollo

                    I don't know what the MV hours are, but I'm sure you could find out via google. I doubt there's too much variance in selection at different sites except for when they've run out of items or made a batch of something right before market. You can email them via their website (linked above) to hear it directly from them and perhaps even order/reserve ahead.

                    1. re: Pollo

                      From their website (
                      )MOUNTAIN VIEW
                      Day: Every Sunday
                      Season: Year-round
                      Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
                      Features: Approx. 70 growers and food purveyors at peak season.
                      600 West Evelyn
                      between Hope and View Streets

                    2. re: Carb Lover

                      What a wonderful description. I'll have to try the ciccioli. I find their stuff completely addictive.

                      I haven't tried any of their sausages, but I think those will be my next purchases.

                      Pollo: when I saw them at the SC market, it looked like the same stuff. I think it really depends on what they make, bring, and sell out of.

                      1. re: YSZ

                        Just wanted to bump this to say that the Severino's people are changing their meat supplier and won't be at the Palo Alto and Mountain View farmer's markets for a while. The Palo Alto committee needs to approve new products and changing one's meat supplier counts. Hopefully that will happen soon. The Mountain View space is held by TLC not Severino's. They are still in Campbell, and Wednesday and Saturday in SC. I think the saleswoman mentioned other venues too.

                        I'm a little sad that I'll have to wait to have the pate campagnola again since I don't get over the hill much, but it sounds like they are going to expand a bit by adding rabbit and lamb so I'll look forward to an even more delicious return.

                        1. re: YSZ

                          Anyway a fan of Severino's products can give input to the PA market's committee? My understanding from the 'pork lady' is that the new farm is very similiar to TLC in their raising/sustainablity princples.

                          1. re: YSZ

                            Another bump. Three weeks ago, I talked to Justin's wife at the Campbell FM and she said that they were going to move back to Pennsylvania at the end of the year, but that one of their employees was thinking of buying the business. Any word whether that has happened?

                            I luuuurve their bacon!

                            1. re: moosechop

                              What?....Pennsylvania????...there goes that.....