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Jan 21, 2007 07:14 PM

Food Network Stage Sets

I just recently saw the set for Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals being used (totally unchanged) in an episode of Law and Order about a chef who murders his lover/producer. Is this a common occurrence to see one set in another totally unrelated show? Or is the Food Network owned by NBC?

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  1. Maybe they are planning on "doing away" with Rachael can only hope. Ha.

    1. I'm only guessing here, but I don't believe there is any ownership connection between NBC and Food Network. No reason, however, why a show filmed in NYC couldn't rent a Food Network set for a location shoot. You see it with restaurants all the time.

      1. I would also imagine (also guessing) that the Food Network kitchens would be especially attractive to producers since it's already set up and designed for a TV crew.

        1. Is Rachael Ray still doing 30 min meals? Maybe Food Network rented it to Law & Order before taking it down.

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          1. So admit it how many of you were hoping she was the victim?

            I saw that episode too it was a little distracting. It was obviously her set; but not really because it was supposed to be another chef and another show. But there you are thinking Rachel Ray the whole time.