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Jan 21, 2007 06:09 PM

Fun SF Restaurant for group of 10


I'm planning a birthday dinner for next Saturday and am looking for a restaurant in San Francisco to take a party of ~10. The type of cuisine and neighborhood is not important but there need low-cost options for my student friends and good vegetarian menu items for my veggie friends. A fun atmosphere and/or the presence of nearby bars to migrate to after dinner would also be a plus. Any ideas?

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  1. Pauline's Pizza - on Valencia.

    The pizza is excellent, high quality toppings, they have vegetarian and you can request vegan if called in advance. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and can accommodate large parties downstairs and they have a upstairs for larger groups of 15 or more. Also, the have reasonably priced to very inexpensive wine from their own winery that is pretty darn good.

    You are walking distance or a quick cab to a variety of bars in the Mission, Pinks on 16th street is very fun to check out after.

    1. have you considered tapas? small plates might be the way to go if you want to keep costs low and have to accomodate different eaters. there are lots of tapas places to choose from in the mission.

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        I've never found tapas to be low cost when there's a large group. The plates may be small but the price doesn't go down equivalently.

        And what usually happens is that whoever is hungriest just keeps ordering and ordering and the cost adds up fast. Then when its time to pay the bill, its split evenly because all the dishes were "shared". And since meat dishes are more expensive than veggie dishes, the vegetarians end up paying more than their share.

        Ahh, yes.
        The vegetarians pay the same as the meat eaters.
        The dieters pay the same as the gluttons.
        The tee-totalers pay the same as the drinkers.
        The poor pay the same as the rich, even if they abstained.

        Nothing like friendly shared tapas to piss off everyone or turn them into meat-eating drunk gluttons.

      2. Thanks for the suggestion. I made a reservation at Paulines --I'll let you know how it goes!