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Jan 21, 2007 05:10 PM

Would Appreciate Lunch Rec's for Friday in Seattle -- high quality, sit down with wine ....

NYC 'hound seeks excellent lunch place for this Friday. From the research I've been able to do, most of the places that get the highest praise on the board are not open for lunch (Harvest Vine, Mistral, Union, Chez Shea, etc.) Would love to try Salumi, but need a place that takes reservations. And Matt's seems to be still closed, yes?

Any views on the Pink Door?

It doesn't need to be cheap or expensive --just high quality food with service appropriate for the place. Good wine selection would definitely be a plus, but small well chosen list is always fine, too.

Likely to be near Downtown and Pioneer Square, but will have car as well.

Thanks much.

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  1. Kirk, I recommend 94 Stewart Street in Pike's Market. (Located, ironically, at 94 Stewart St.) They just received national recognition for their wine list. The restaurant offers Pacific Northwest fare and is quite affordable. (Especially by New York standards!) Matt's is closed until late March for rennovation. Local Chowhounds Poo Poo the Pink Door, but they just celebrated their 25 anniversary. It is a funky place where the food can be hit or miss and certainly not at the caliber generally found in Little Italy. The Pink Door's saving grace is that it's just a fun place that doesn't take itself seriously. (And neither to the regulars.)

    1. Cafe Campagne serves lunch and takes reservations. Another place is Maximilien in the Market. I don't know if Le Pichet takes reservations but they serve lunch.

      1. Thanks very much; will look into 94 Stewart. (am a bit warry about Cafe Campagne --but maybe unfairly -- had a really mediocre dinner at the restaurant many years ago (mid '90s) and never was willing to go back.)

        turns out we will be a bit further up the hill -- up by the new central library building. what are people's views about Wild Ginger these days? (other than it is expensive for what they do.)

        1. I have found every meal I've had at Campagne underwhelming; Cafe Campagne is marginally better but not exceptional, although they do a great brunch. Kirk, in your neighborhood you may want to consider some of the hotel-affiliated restaurants, such as Earth and Ocean, Tulio, or, a little farther north, Lola. E & O used to be outstanding; over the past few years, however, they've seen an exodus of their best chefs so I understand it has gone slightly downhill. It's still chow-worthy, IMO.

          I did not have a fabulous meal at 94 Stewart, but everyone there is very nice.

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            I agree with the reviews of Campagne and particularly Cafe Campagne. The cuisine is average and the service quite inconsistent - mostly slow and inattentive. Perhaps they are relying too much on the location for tourist foot traffic. I gave it three tries and none were particularly charming. Not bad, just not memorable, and DEFINITELY NOT a place I would take guests for business or pleasure.

          2. i concur with ssusu's comments, another option for lunch (further from your hotel though) would be Barolo, although their lunch menu does not match their dinner menu. Rover's does lunch on Fridays but it is overpriced and not that interesting (and in a very stuffy environment). I would probably pass on WIld Ginger, unless you really have an itch for pan-Asian, in which case you might consider O'Asian for dimsum/lunch, which is a block from the library.