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Jan 21, 2007 05:04 PM

Suggestions for wine at Costco

A friend and I would like to split a case of "something red" at Costco. Not too expensive... any suggestions?

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  1. Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet at $20 is a good value. They ofetn have more than one vintage on hand so a little beforehand research may pay off.

    1. Every Costco has a different stock... you'd need to ask your neighborhood board depending on what's in your area.

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        Yes, each is different, though there are probably many "cross-over" wines, that would be available at many, if not most, locations. Just in Phoenix, we have three Costcos, that handle 1er Cru Bdx., top-o-the-line Barolos, Riojas, and the like. Most of the other local stores start far below these wines. Many of the stores do have a lot of the same wines, once you get to the $20/btl. range.

        Question for the OP - what "something red" do you and your friend like? That would be the first issue. Next, if you are going to split a case, is this for long-term cellaring, or do you drink enough of one particular red, to justify 6 btls. of the same? If you ARE looking for long-term, I'd do a few tastings of wines, that look promising, and then go with the one that you think will last for X years.

        While at my "local" Costco today, I saw dozens of imported and domestic reds in the $15-35 range, that are probably available at many outlets, however they ranged from CndP to Cal Cabs, with almost everything in between - totally different wines.

        If one likes Cal Cabs, the above rec. for the Beringer Knight's Valley is a good one. It is approachable upon release, with a bit of decanting, and I've had some that have languished in the cellar for ~7-10 years, with no ill results.


      2. CA - Clos Du Bois 2003 Cab $7.99 per bottle,,,last I checked

        1. As a Costco member, have you tried Cameron Hughes wines? Hughes is a negociant who buys excess premium wine and blends/bottles them with his own label for around $9-$15. I'm pretty sure his wines are sold exclusively at Costco and his web site.

          If you do a Google search for "Cameron Hughes" you'll find several articles about this Costco wine phenomenon. I haven't tried any of his current releases, so I can't recommend specific current reds. Since he's a negociant, his wines probably come from different vineyards/wineries almost every year. Many Costco shoppers trust his judgment, though. How often do you see a decent Amador County/Lodi Zinfandel for $11?

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            Right now there is a meritage blend from CH at selected Costcos in California for $9.99. The CH website has it for $12.

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              Those wines are good values if your taste is in line with Robert Parker's.

            2. I saw some Altamura Cab for 59.99 yesterday. That stuff ROCKS!!!