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Jan 21, 2007 04:17 PM

Best Chinese delivery/take-out in Rockland County

Hi. Looking for the best Chinese restaurant that will deliver to my house-bound grandfather in Piermont. Take-out within a 15-minute drive would be fine too (my grandmother drives). His favorite is pork fried rice. I bring him tons from my local Chinese restaurant when I visit from Brooklyn, but he hasn't found any near him that he likes as much. Thanks!

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  1. I would recommend Golden Mushroom in Upper Nyack. It's on 9W across the street from Nyack High School right before the intersection with Christian Herald. That is our go-to place for Chinese and they also do very good sushi. The whole restaurant is kind of Pan-Asian...they do Thai, Japanese, Chinese etc, but not in a fusion sort of way. They just have different sections of the menu devoted to different Asian cusines.


    1. Bamboo Garden in Orangeburg may deliver. It's not great, but not bad like some of the other places in the area. There is also another place across the road, I think it is called New Chinatown. They aren't as consistant, but when they are, they are better then Bamboo. Same for Golden Mushroom.