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Jan 21, 2007 04:07 PM

Dallas Espresso

Has anyone had a great espresso in Dallas? I'm thinking, definitely not Starbucks - I've never had a great espresso from superauto machines. I'm looking for an espresso with nice thick crema and that viscous mouthfeel that takes some skill to produce. Ideally this would not be a restaurant (but I'm still interested to hear, regardless)... it would be nice to find an espresso bar where you can just pop in for a drink, enjoy it, and then take off.


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  1. I have found really good espresso at La Duni. It is a spanish influence restaraunt but they have a small area to sit and have a quick drink. There is on on Preston/Oaklawn past
    Wycliff and there is one on Mckinney Ave right past Knox St. Also down the street on Travis st 1 block from Knox is a tapas restaraunt called Cafe Madrid. They have excellent espresso as well. You can order from the bar area, but it might be standing only depending on how busy they are.

    enjoy, William

    1. I have only been to Gachet a few times, but the last barista I had really seemed to know what he was doing when he made my latte. I would definitely try them if you are looking for an eclectic, independent alternative to Starbucks. They are on Lower Greenville just north of the Ross intersection. They also have free wireless!

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        never had a really good espresso there. just a decent one

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          adkim - good to know. Do you have any recs?

      2. Sorry, no recs for you. Finding a consistently good espresso at a coffee shop is next to impossible in this city. The restaurants listed above are all good as are most restaurants where the bartenders take pride in their work.

        1. thanks for everyone's suggestions - it's been a while. I recently found this discussion of espresso in North Texas:

          unfortunately, most of the places discussed are either in Denton or closed. This weekend I tried White Rock Coffee on NW Hwy... it had promise. They were roasting beans in the shop when I arrived, which smelled fantastic. They did NOT use a super-auto the way Starbucks does. They also prewarmed the portafilter and cup, and they even knew what I meant by a short draw (often I get blank stares in response to this request).

          Unfortunately, I wasn't terribly excited about the flavor of the coffee. It tasted a bit burnt/over roasted, and then left a green, vegetal after taste that lingered long after I had finished the cup. I'll probably try them again - they had so much of the process correct. Maybe this was just a bad batch.