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Joxer Daley's in Culver City--Saints Football, Food?

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I came across a post on a N.O. Saints' fan board, identifying Joxer Daley's (Washington Blvd & Sepulveda) as a new gathering place for Saints fans, and the post goes on to say, "They have great food (by L.A. standards) and the waitress/bartenders are easy on the eyes."

This pub has been mentioned a few times on this board but never for the food; so, does anyone care to comment on the food recommendation?

Who dat!

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  1. i have no idea about the food at joxer daley's - but isn't there that philly cheesesteak place next door (markie d's?).

    who dat!!!!

    1. They don't have great food. It's generic bar food. If the kitchen's not open they let you bring food from Markie D's, maybe that's what was being refered to as great.

      1. It's a cool bar, I've been in and out of there for 25 years --- it used to be called Stats --- but the food is not at all memorable.

        Really cute bartenders, though ...

        1. Is Joxer's still a Saints bar? (2009) My normal viewing buddy will be at the game for MNF this week, so I'm hoping to find a place. When I read about Joxers, I was pretty stoked because I usually go here once a month and its in my 'hood.... but I've never been for a Saints game.

          1. It's also a huge Redskins bar. And I don't remember anything special about the bar food.

            1. The latest reports at saintsreport.com are that Joxer's remains a Redskins bar, but I guess some Saints fans do still go there. (And there are more Saints fans these days, y'know.) On Monday night, I assume the 'Skins contingent would not be an issue. Still never got any info about the food. The West LA Saints contingent doesn't seem to have settled on a home. There has been some discussion about South in Santa Monica, owned by a Tulane grad with some good drinks and (last time we were there, which was quite a while ago) at least passable food.

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                The dive shop I go to is across the street from Joxers. Been going there for about 5 years. It's just a bar. Nothing special. In fact, despite the (very friendly FOB) Irish owner, they can't pour Guinness to save their lives. I settle for a Boddingtons or New Castle and move on. The food is just pub fare. Nothing fancy.

                If this is our Westcoast Dome, then I'll go there... or somewhere else... or maybe just have a few non-Saints fans over.

              2. Joxer Daley's is a Redskins bar. Saints fans used to go there but got annoyed by the loud Skin fans and it gets really crowded during Skins games. They've since moved on. Only a few have stuck around. I enjoy the food though. The burgers and tuna melts are very tasty.

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                  But the question is, was it a Saints bar in 2007? (I had a standard but decent breakfast there during the World Cup this year.)