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Jan 21, 2007 03:07 PM

tria- how's the sound?

i'm considering tria for dinner tonight, but the last time i was there the music was both horrible (a jam session band, what??) and really loud. i had to literally shout to the person sitting next to me to be heard. normally i'd ask them to turn the music down or even change it (yes, i am THAT person), but i had built the place up so much to my friend and was so irritated we just left instead. (the happy rooster's food, music, and volume was perfect, by the way.)

that was about a month ago. can someone enlighten me whether this is an unfortunate trend or just a off night??? thanks in advance..

ps just to clarify... i'm 30 years old, i like all kinds of music from punk to pop to acoustic, i'm not hard-of-hearing, and would generally consider myself (for lack of a better word), "hip." ;)

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  1. I was at Tria last Sunday for drinks/dinner, and the place was packed! I think they get a big crowd for "Sunday School" - offering some pretty great deals on wine and cheese specials.

    I didn't find the music unbearable at all (I'm 27) - but I will say that the general noise level was pretty high simply because there were so many people there. Also, depending on what time you go (we went around 8:30), you could have a really long wait for a table.

    We had a great time, but I think if you're sensitive to noise you might want to look elsewhere ...