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Jan 21, 2007 02:09 PM

Bakeries in Park Slope

Any recs---

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  1. depends on what you're looking for - bread? cookies? belgian/french patisserie?
    there's been quite a bit posted already if you want to use the Search function...

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    1. re: pitu

      everything-bread,cakes,cookies,croissants,etc.-thanks for the search suggestion I just checked it out

      1. re: marlie202

        I was just lamenting that we no longer have a decent bakery for bread nearby (I'm in center Slope.) We used to have that upscale overpriced breadshop that got closed down by the board of health and Regina's which looked like it should have great bread but really didn't. Now we have nothing. I actually buy the frozen tuscan rolls and semolina baguette's from Fresh Direct now. There's sometimes a decent french baker at the Farmer's Market, but they're kind of wimpy about the weather (they have awesome muffins, too.) Finally, I find that the bread at Russo's (7th ave and 11th St) is pretty good.

        1. re: vvv03

          Your best bet for bread is at BLUE APRON (Union Street & 7th Ave,)...with selections from stellar breadbakers Royal Crown, Pain D'Avignon and the old Sullivan Street which I believe has a new name.

          They're right up front and tend to go quickly.

    2. we love the raisin bread from lopez bakery on 5th and like 20th or so- not quite the slope there (unless you talk to a real estate agent...).enjoy fb