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Jan 21, 2007 02:03 PM

Smoked Mackerel

Hello all,

I love smoked mackerel and eat it at home about once a week.

We usually have it as is with just some cracked black pepper or sometimes I buy those fillets with the dill.

Since we eat it so often I was thinking of branching out and trying some recipes using smoked mackerel as an ingredient.

I searched the boards and there wasn't much.

Does anyone have any good smoked mackerel recipes...of any sort, we aren't picky eaters!


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  1. Well, there's Finnian Haddie -- a very traditional dish for smoked fish. It's intended for smoked haddock (thus "Haddie"), but I'd imagine that smoked mackerel would be good as well. Mackerel's oily nature seems like it would be a natural in this strongly flavored dish.

    1. mix it with some cream and cream cheese and make pate.

      sautee with olive oil, tomatoes and garlic and serve over a curly pasta like cut fusilli

      mix into scrambled eggs.

      have it broiled on baguettes with mustard and sliced granny smith apples

      incorporate it into a watercress and tangerine salad, with red onions, walnuts and a mustardy vinaigrette.

      1. where do you buy your smoked mackerel? I see you live in a metro area....

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          I buy it from different places depending on where I happen to be...most frequently is Mendel's in Kensington Market, any of the fish shops in St. Lawerence Market, or Domminion carries it as well.

          Are you looking for somewhere in TO?

        2. meant: what kind of place....supermarket, specialty store, fishmonger, etc. Never have seen smoked mackerel in my neck of the woods. Coastal California, non-metro.

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            That is too bad because it is delicious and very good for you as it is loaded with essential polyunsaturated fatty acids.

            Maybe try ordering on line? It is preserved like smoked salmon and usually comes in vacuum sealed packs so would be fine for transport.


            1. re: toodie jane

              whole foods and sometimes trader joe's have it.

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                is this a canned product, or vac sealed or frozen? We have TJ's but not WF.

                1. re: toodie jane

                  vaccuum sealed. you'll find it right near the smoked salmon. they often have smoked trout too which is also yummy.

              2. re: toodie jane

                If you live in LA area: "Tashkent", on Laurel Canyon Blvd., just north of Riverside, just before Chandler, on E side of street. in Valley Village (Studio City?). Cute little Russian market/deli. They have whole fish on the counter by the register.

              3. I made a smoked fish stew using a can of kippers once and it turned out very tasty. Basically it was just the same recipe as Manhatten style clam chowder, but used the smoked fish instead of clams.