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Jan 21, 2007 01:47 PM

I miss "HO KING" !

My family and I have gone to Ho King starting from the Dundas location to Stoney Creek. We made our trek from Toronto to Stoney Creek a dozen times a year. My brother would always make a special trip to Stoney Creek (Vancouver to Toronto to Ho King). It's a shame they finally closed down. Ruthy, we miss you. The "New Ho King" on Spadina, is a sad substitute. Ruthy, if you plan on opening up again, let us know.

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  1. is the "New Ho King" the same owners as the one in Stoney Creek? I heard that Ruth still lives in the Hamilton area...

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    1. re: food_lover

      No, the "New Ho King" is not the same owner. I believe this one is owned by the same people who own the Kim Moon Bakery.

    2. Well, if it means anything I think the Kim Moon Bakery is pretty decent and the late night menu (I think you can only get it after 10 PM) at New Ho King is not bad.

      1. I remember back in the days where they served the best clams in black bean sauce. MMMM

        1. or the best snails......