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Jan 21, 2007 01:29 PM

Good (or at least pretty good) pizza in Allston-Brighton?

Hi - we've lived in AB for 3 years and love most of the local food options, but tonight we're craving just good old pizza delivery and so far haven't found much. Tried T Anthony's on a chowhound rec but were pretty unimpressed. Cambridge 1 and Upper Crust are pretty good, but we'd love to find a more traditional, less yuppie, place that delivers. Never tried Big Daddy's or Big City. Any thoughts on these or any others?

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  1. Try T Anthony again. They tend to be a little inconsistent. If you go on a day when the dad isn't working, you might get an undercooked or underseasoned pie.

    Pino's and Presto, right next to each other in Cleveland Circle, are worth trying. Presto has a great crust texture but lacks the flavor that T Anthony has. Pino's can be strangely satisfying when fresh, but a slice there tastes like a handful of Goldfish crackers.

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      Agreed, T. Anthony's can be spotty but at its best is as good as you'll find outside the North End. Give them another try.

      Inbound Pizza, on Comm Ave near the corner of Harvard, is also surprisingly good. The place looks like a dive - but then, as all good 'Hounds know, sometimes a dive is the best place to go.

    2. I think Presto is the best pizza in the area. Good crust , good toppings and they deliver. DON'T go to Pino. Not worth the expenditure.

      1. I've gotten a few good slices there; haven't eaten there enough to say for sure...

        1. Boston House of Pizza on Amory St. off Comm Ave.
          I had them deliver pizza for a party and everyone raved about it.

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            In my experience any pizzeria called [Something] House of Pizza serves Greek-style pizza. Is that true in this case?

            1. re: Allstonian

              I've had Boston House of Pizza. Definietly Greek style; been there since I was in college (well, moved around the corner- used to hane the Ginza spot)

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              Oh my god, you're not serious, are you? Boston House of Pizza is an ungodly abomination of the first order. It's GREEK STYLE PIZZA at its spongy crusted worst!

              1. re: tamerlanenj

                I wasn't gonna say the obvious, but yeah.

            3. Imperial in Brighton Center has good Italian style. I like it well done.