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Jan 21, 2007 12:55 PM

New Brunswick Family Dinner Ideas Needed

Good morning chowhounds! My family is driving up from Phila today to meet another family in the New Brunswick area. I am looking for family oriented restaurants that will have enough choices for 4 children to be satisfied. From the posts, it looks like Old Man Rafferty's will be a good match. Are there other places to consider? Thanks

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  1. You definately can't go wrong with OMR, especially if you are also interested in having dessert afterwards.

    As for other options, New Brunswick is full of them. The problem is that the best of them are either expensive, or ethnic, and I prefer to frequent them without my kids.

    1. Yeah, I second Old Man Rafferty's.

      The menu is very kid friendly and while I have not eaten at the New Brunswick location, the one on 206 was far more family-oriented than anywhere else I had eaten in New Brunswick.