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Jan 21, 2007 10:14 AM

Greenwich Lobster House- pleasant surprise

My husbad and I stopped in for a very late lunch yesterday and we were both very pleased with our food.

Nice old bar when you walk in and a cozy dining room in the back. My husband enjoyed the fact that there was a plasma TV in the dining room. (not sure I was fond of this however)

We both had steamed clams to start. Very fresh in a light wine broth with shallots. I had a grilled veggie salad which was huge and not overcoated with dressing.

My husband had Lobster Pappardelle with asparagus in a light cream sauce which was devoured instantly. I had the stuffed was OK...a little over cooked and well, it was stuffed sole. I would have ordered something else but pregnancy has limited my dining options.

All in all, both of us were very pleased. Our server was lovely and very attentive. I would like to go back and try other dishes.

I think they will only improve with time.

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  1. Glad to hear it was pretty good. Frankly, anything was an improvement over the previous restaurant in that location - Black Bear Grille.

    What were the prices like there, on average? Also, were there many non seafood dishes (my wonderful wife won't touch anything from the sea...).

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      Prices were very fair. Went back again yesterday and was very pleased again. Everything was so fresh.

      There were some non fish dishes like chicken and eggplant rolatini.