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Jan 21, 2007 09:32 AM

Upcoming dinner with elderly relatives...need help!

In 3 weeks my husband and I are taking my elderly (93 and 91 year old) relatives out for dinner. When we last visited they took us to Le Bernadin which was perfect. However, this time we are also taking another younger (60's) couple out with us and frankly, Le Bernadin's prices are too high for us to be able to treat everyone. The elders still enjoy a fine meal (I know they also like Jean Georges)but nothing too out there. One's mental ability is slowly in decline so someplace with a terrific staff (translation: patience) The younger couple are non-foodies. Need something that has a low noise level and that won't break the bank (price point hopefully not more than $75 per person. Note: they are non-drinkers for the most point, thus to include at best four glasses of wine or one bottle). The elders live near Columbus Circle at Central Park West. The younger couple are coming in from L.I. Any suggestions for us out of towners? TIA

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  1. Knickerbocker (at University and 9th). A comfy old New York steak place that also has good fish and other dishes. I have been many times with mixed generations and it is always a success. Plus the steaks are great.

    1. The new Picholine has been getting excellent reviews and is right nearby where the elders live. You might have a bit of a problem with the $75 tops, but you might be able to get away with not too much more than that. Give a look:

      1. $75 per person will get you a wonderful meal at Grammercy Tavern (unless its gone up since Christmas). Tables are perfectly spaced out, service is very attentive as well. May we all be in our 90's and worrying about where to dine!!! :)

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          If zook's budget of $75pp is meant to cover everything (food, drinks, tax & tip), the main dining room at Gramercy Tavern is out because the 3-course prix-fixe is $76.

          Eleven Madison Park or Veritas would also be good choice. But, again, in both cases, the 3-course prix-fixe is $76.

          I do agree that we should all be so lucky to get to our nineties and still be able to enjoy fine dining.

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            Thank you all for your thoughts and comments. At the suggestion of "the elders" we're heading to Ouest (tried for a reservation at Telpan but it was booked). Based upon so many other favorable posts on this board, my husband and I are going to Eleven Madison Park ourselves the one other night we have in NY.

        2. San Domenico would be my choice.

          1. We took my late mom to René Pujol for her 92nd birthday and she loved it. Very good classic (and some modern) French cuisine. Excellent service in a quiet, pleasant atmosphere (as long as you don't go at the same time as the pretheater crowd. Right in your price range (less expensive than most of the other suggested restaurants).