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Jan 21, 2007 07:13 AM

Michigan State Help

I'm going to be at the Kellog Center for a few nights on business, and wondered if any Lansing area folks had some reccomendations?

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  1. DeLuca's has excellent Italian-American food. Lots of cheese!

    1. DeLuca's is rightly known for the best pizza in Lansing, I've never got past their pizza to try anything else.

      For dinner try All Seasons Bistro in East Lansing. I just had a pear-parsnip soup there that was fabulous and the sea bass and lamb chops were both great.

      What kind of food/experience are you looking for?

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      1. re: jackiecat

        Pretty much anything non chain

      2. There was a previous thread on East Lansing eats

        I agreed with most everything people had to say. My additional thoughts:
        Majority is now closed.
        Mitchell's Fish House and Jimmy Johns are both chains.
        Woody's near the Goodrich Shoprite has amazing middle eastern food, more deli food than sit down. Try their garlic chicken sandwich.
        For something a little different for lunch you might want to try Menna's Joint, home of the dub (kind of like a sub in a tortilla wrap) It's a local chain.

        1. It's a little bit of a drive (15 minutes) but I would recommend the Red Cedar Grill in Wiliamston. Good stuff.

          1. Woody's Oasis has great middle eastern grub.