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Jan 21, 2007 05:25 AM

Resturants that Serve Food from all over the World...Any Ideas?

Theres a Restaurant that Serves Food from all over the World here in Seattle called Coastal Kitchen,more specifically they serve food from coastal cities all around the world and the menu changes every three months.
My question is why aren't more restaurants doing this,or offering food from all over the world like a MEGA-Restaurant.Theres theme chain steakhouses,and Mega-Stores but no Mega-Restaurants with a world-wide variety?Even an all-you-can-eat-buffet with multiple sections,each presenting a different country would be nice.
Does anyone have any ideas or want to share about something similar they might know about?

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  1. My immediate reaction to a restaurant serving food from all over the world is, "Jack of all trades, master of none."

    I would avoid such places, also, as in trying to please all tastes, they may please none.

    1. That's a gimmick Coastal Kitchen uses with very limited success, in my opinion. They do the best job with breakfast. Their hot fudge sundaes are good too. I always found the rotating menu irritating. Three months doesn't seem to allow a restaurant the chance to really hone/perfect the good dishes and weed out the crappy ones.

      There are good reasons to be suspicious of a restaurant whose menu is too huge and varied. They can't do everything well in one place. Think of the enormous variety of goods a "mega-restaurant," as you say, would have to keep on hand and how most of it would probably rot uneaten.

      1. I was thinking of a place with multiple small kitchens each with its own niche,like one for Asia, Africa, North America, South America,Europe and Australia.Then pay one price to enter and make it buffet style.I dont know but mabye ill hear some other ideas.

        1. Yikes, sounds like what event planners try to sell as 'tasting stations'.

          1. My low budget makes me think of things like this.When your poor or middle class you don't get to eat out much.Guess if would cut into most resturants if people only had to go to one.Mabye free internet at the tables too.

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              At the risk of being too Seattle-specific, I have to say that I've always been irked at the prices at any of the Chow Foods restaurants (of which Coastal Kitchen is one). I feel that all the main courses are about $2 more than they should be. We end up being able to eat out a little more frequently by avoiding those prices.