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Jan 21, 2007 05:01 AM

A nice dinner out near Tsawassen?? Vancouver Dim Sum but maybe not in Chinatown?

Hubby and I will be up Vancouver way in February and staying with our friend who lives in Tsawassen for a couple of nights. We want to take her out one night..any suggestions not too far from there? We'll drive for the right spot, but may not feel like going all the way into downtown Vancouver. Is there such a thing as good South Indian or even Gujarati restaurants near there?? (She would love to experience that with us...).

Also, would love to go for Dim Sum on Sunday morning. But since that day is also the Chinese New Year, it might be best to avoid the crowds that will inevitably be in Chinatown. Any alternatives you hounds can suggest??

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sorry....I looked for a board that would best include BC and somehow missed the "Western Canada" board. If the moderators delete this, I will be happy to repost....

      1. Most (if not all) dim sum places are busy on Sundays, no matter what holiday it is. Your best bet is to go early (before 11 a.m.).

        1. South Delta (which includes Tsawwassen) is really a bedroom community and, not surprisingly, doesn't have too much by way of good food. I think there's one Indian place in T (probably not South Indian - those restaurants are concentrated in East Vancouver: Main and Fraser St), but I have no idea whether it's any good. La Belle Auberge, in the next town over (Ladner - 10-15 minutes from T) is a quite well known and well regarded French restaurant - fairly expensive, and you'll need a reservation. Steveston is about 20-25 minutes away from T and there might be some more good spots there that may be less expensive. I'm afraid I can't make any Steveston rec's but maybe other 'hounds can?