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Jan 21, 2007 04:30 AM

Cyrus report - Healdsburg

Dinner this evening was generally delightful - the tasting menu, which Cyrus asks the whole table to take, started well and really took off with fois gras - loved the flambe; loved the resultant taste much more!

But our revelry came to a screeching stop with overcooked scallops topped with a tasteless chorizo crust - crawlers take note.

Not bad, but not what anyone would want in a restaurant of this reputation. Hey, any chowdown can include a dish that doesn't meet expectation - we didn't walk out.

White and black truffle shavings @ high extra cost left us very unimpressed - taste was difficult to detect.

A bit later, venison was grade A but not -quite- as tasty as expected.

The cheese platter brought us back to heaven with exquisite fruitcake Cyrus style and a totally lovely Chenin Blanc.

Dessert was equally good with a grapefruit ice over slices of blood orange, and another sort of ice and paste that, paired with a light effervesent wine, topped the meal with a flourish.

Wines were paired to the menu by the Cyrus sommelier - godd juju, I gotta say, sometimes simply excellent.

Cyrus's environment was utterly lovely, as was the service and the hotel it's in, which is not for those on a budget.

$640 for two with tip - make your own decision!

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  1. We ate there a week ago, and didn't get the scallops - good thing! I didn't like the foie gras - it tasted spongy, for some reason. The rest of the meal was wonderful, except for the beautiful chocolate caramel soup dessert (I'm not a soup person, but my hubby is and he didn't think the flavor was very interesting). The wine pairings were outstanding, as well as all the fish courses, amuses bouches, and cheeses. Overall, our entire table agreed that it was a much nicer (and less expensive) dinner than FL and Joel Robouchon.

    1. My take on this place pretty much boils down to, "Close, but no cigar."

      Last time I was there, the prices were $5 less than Restaurant Gary Danko for the same number of courses. Gary Danko's is, I think, a lot like l'Oreal -- expensive but worth it. Cyrus, OTOH . . .

      1. I've been to Cyrus twice and ate in the bar both times. The bar serves that same food as the restaurant but on an al-a-carte basis. I've been under by the food each time.

        First meal that I had was the red wine risotto starter. Very tasty but a small portion. Had a pork entree that was fine but nothing unusual. Second time, I had the Chestnut Soup - rich but somehow light in flavor (delicate?) followed by the lamp chop. Single chop, cooked to order, with hard black rice. Good taste but expensive for what I was served.

        My wife enjoyed the thai lobster starter her first visit and thought that it was off the second time. She had a foie gras starter with apple cider which was more interesting than memorable.

        Desserts were the Caramel Soup - great presentation and fun - and a trio of custards/brulees which also was light in flavor.

        Dinner in the bar on a Monday night took forever as the kitchen seemed slow. The meal for four cost $420 including tip/tax for 5 cocktails/wine (interesting seasonal cocktails), four starters, four entrees and two desserts.

        Overall, I though that it was expensive for what they served, food was good, but, not great and overall - overrated.

        Probably says more about me - but, I preferred my recent meal at Perbacco more - at half the cost.

        1. White *and* black truffle shavings on chorizo-crusted scallops? That's a remarkably ill-conceived dish.

          1. I was at Cyrus last week and the dish was chorizo-crusted gulf shrimp. It was fine, but not the highlight of the meal. That was the pasta course of farro pasta, creamed spinash and soft boiled egg. It was covered--covered--with shaved white truffles (we paid for hte supplement and that was the only course that the truffles showed up on). I will try to write up the rest of the meal sometime soon. I thought it was wonderful, as always (I personally love the caramel soup).