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Jan 21, 2007 03:27 AM

How to use email to a friend option

I did a search and no help there. Though I noticed others had same issue. Unfortunately, no Chowhound response to queries. How does this option work. When I click on this only the page darkens? Do I have to be using certain other program for this to work? TIA

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  1. It should bring up a small pop-up within the window that allows you to enter addresses and comments. If it's not popping up for you, it may be that your browser doesn't support the code that creates it or that you've got javascript turned off.

    We're working on some rewrites of some of the site function for early this week, those changes may fix this for you.

    1. It's a problem with the site. I'm running fully updated Win XP and IE 6, surely the most standard of configurations. Here's what happens, with all firewalls and pop-up blockers disabled:

      WATCH THIS TOPIC. Clicking the check box works; clicking the text darkens the screen (and undarkens it when clicking a second time).

      EMAIL TO FRIEND. Clicking the icon does nothing; clicking the text does the darken/undarken thing.

      SEND TO CELL. Same as EMAIL.

      PRINT. Clicking the icon does nothing; clicking the text works.

      DELICIOUS. Same as PRINT.

      DIGG. Same as PRINT.

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      1. re: meatme

        It works fine for me. When I click on Email to Friend, I get a popup that says "Send As Email", with options to fill in my address, my friend's address and also a text field.

        I'm on a Mac running Camino. A few weeks ago I had the same thing happen for me that you are experiencing now, but it was cleared up pretty quickly. However, it wouldn't surprise me if the problem is linked to the new site design due to go live soon.

      2. It looks like meatme and I are in the same boat. I will keep trying in the weeks and months ahead. Thanks all.

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        1. re: eve

          ok so now I get the dialog box to send a message but nothing happens after I click on the send button. And no message sent.