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Coffee places with free wireIess internet access?

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Coffee places with free wireless internet access in Seattle/Tacoma and surrounding areas?

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  1. Top Pot Doughnuts, I know the one on Capitol hill has free WIFI but I am not sure about the other locations.

    1. Here are a bunch:

      All-City (Pioneer Square)
      Cafe Ladro (Upper and Lower Queen Anne)
      Cafe Zingaro (Lower Queen Anne)
      Cafe Vita (Capitol Hill)
      Cloud City Coffee (Mapleleaf)
      Herkimer Coffee (Phinney Ridge)
      Lottie Motts (Columbia City)
      Top Pot (Capitol Hill)
      Zoka (Wallingford)

      1. Check out wifimug.org.

        1. Hotwire Online Coffee -- in West Seattle (small) and Shoreline/North City (large).

          1. JoeBar on Capital Hill

            1. The Mandolin Cafe on 12th on the westside of tacoma.