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Am I Crazy? [moved from Boston Board]

Last weekend, we went to a rural area in SE Connecticut to visit my sister and brother inlaw. They were going to a charity ball mon Saturday night, so we watched my neice and ordered take out from the only restaurant in town. I ordered veal parm, which i figured no one coulcd screw up. At 15.95, I thought it was rather expensive for a rural stripmall type plac, but it's only money.

When I picked up the food, the lot was packed but the restaurant was empty....everyone was in the bar. Bottom line is I got home and The veal parmesan was a frozen pressed veal patty. Unedible. I called the owner and he told me that he never said it was REAL VEAL on the menu. I told him you can get real veal in the boston area for under 15.00. he said he was in the business for 21 years and I was insulting his intelligence. Offered a refund, which I refused. Just wanted an admission that he was selling a low grade dog food for 15.95.

he admitted this but stated that if he sold real veal parm, he would have to charge twice as much. Pleaqse let me know if I'm nuts, and send me li nks for places with "real" veal parm for 15.95 or less

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  1. I can't quote the price, but Vinny's at Night and Little Vinny's in Somerville should be right around $16 for real veal.

    What "rural" town was this in SE CT?

    For the record, I've come across a few excellent strip-mall-ish Italian places in that area of CT - One that immediately comes to mind is Trading Cove Pizza, near Norwich. Great pizza and Italian food. It's too bad you didn't find them.

    The other end of the state (Fairfield Co.) is actually loaded with outstanding, yet unassuming pizza and Italian places. Mario the Baker on Main Street in Bridgeport, for my money, turns out better pizza/Italian than 95% of the places in Boston.

    And don't get me started on Roseland Apizza in Derby - Pepe's can't hold a candle to their shrimp oreganata pizza. Getting me thinking about a chowhound roadtrip....

    1. I'd say you should repeat this post on the New England board and name names, but it sounds like no one eats there anyway, so there's no one to warn.

      1. i know some unscrupulous places pass off pork cutlets for veal in parm sandwiches. why this guy thinks not printing "real veal" makes it ok is beyond me though. sounds like a real jerk.

        there are other reasons, but that's one why i'd get either chicken or eggplant parm, lol.

        1. Even at $16 pound he can put 6 oz on the plate for $7

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            Can we get a name for this place so we can beware?

          2. Village Pizza and restaurant in Preston. Ask for Tom

            1. I was guessing it was a pizza place. I think thats pretty standard for most of these pizza joints. Although the price does seem out of line. The pizza place closest to me not only uses that veal but the chicken too is like that.

              1. I can definitely see a pizza place unashamedly selling that frozen crap as veal parm.....but they should charge $5.95 for it. He has a nerve.

                1. Our pizza place has GREAT veal for that price. Angelo's on Main Street in Glastonbury is better than some of the finer italian restaurants I have been to. They also make a great veal parm grinder. Uh-oh, may need to get one for lunch today. Jay

                  1. That was my point when I called him....sell that garbage if you must, but for 7 or 8.95. People would then know what to expect. Also, when he told me it didn't say "real Veal" on the menu, I mentioned that he had a hamburger on the menu that didn't say real beef anywhere in the description. He couldn't answer that!

                    1. I remember Papa Ginos used to sell veal parm with RealVeal(tm). All over the store, it said RealVeal(tm). Turns out RealVeal(tm) isn't veal at all. So maybe he should have said his parm was made with RealVeal(tm).