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Jan 21, 2007 02:31 AM

Roast Duck... and head... and feet

I'm planning on making the 5 hour roast duck tomorrow for a nice after football on TV treat. I bought it at my friendly local farmer's market (Buford Highway for those in the area) and it comes whole - feet, head, neck and all. My question is, what do I do with these extra parts? I certainly can whack off the feet and cook those separately, but I'm not sure if the neck and head are of any culinary good. It may make for a more "natural" presentation, and that's cool with me - I'm not squeamish - I just wanted to make sure I'm not wasting anything. Any help?

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  1. The neck and feet are good for stock, as are the wing tips. Roast them and some aromatic vegetables and this can be the basis for a great gravy. I don't care for the head, I think the brain and tongue add a kind of livery taste that I don't care for but some love.

    1. Making gravy with them sounds smart.The heads got alot of flavor but like Erico said the brain and tongue are livery.If it was me id wait till its almost done then take the neck meat,feet some drippings and head and make duck gravy.
      The only part of the head I really like is the bill when its charcoal crispy,almost like a burnt wingtip.
      Or just leave the head on and then you get the thrill of hacking it off before you eat.

      1. Unless you cook it crisp, a duck's head is inedible, with no meat other than the tongue. Watch out for the long, sharp cartilage in the rear of the tongue, though.

        Boneless duck's feet are supposedly a delicacy. For me, they don't have much taste. They do have lots of gelatin, so throw them in the soup pot.

        1. Cool - thanks guys. It's in the oven and I'm busily collecting cups of golden duck fat! Woohooo! I'm making a big pot of duck stock so I can have some kind of thrown together duck soup tomorrow for dinner! Now what to do with all that duck fat :-) I see some tasty oven fries in my future...

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            Exchange duck fat for butter in a Pommes Anna recipe, you will not be sorry.

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              THAT'S a good idea! I've been needing to break out the mandoline :-)