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Jan 21, 2007 02:09 AM

Buy half a Lamb

Anyone know of a farm or a butcher that sells lambs in large quantities? We would like to be able to select the cuts and thickness.

Ideally in the NoVa area, but willing to travel for good quality.

We have been buying half a cow for years, just would like to try lamb.


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  1. You're looking for Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church. They have their own slaughterhouse and butchers on premises to cut to order. Chances are they have whole lambs in the cooler on premises.

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      Their prices on lamb are very good. And plan your trip so you can have lunch in their eatery next door.

      You might also talk to Ecofriendly foods at the Arlington Courthouse farmers' market on Saturday morning. I know they have started doing this for hogs and might do it as well for lamb. The price per pound is much lower than by buying their already butchered cuts. The only problem would be that their slaughtering schedule may not fit with when you need it.

    2. If it's lamb you want there's a place off 123 whose name I can't recall at the moment. The best way to find good lamb is go looking for a Halal butcher.

      1. There are halal butchers selling lamb at the DC Farmers Market building in the Capital City Market, aka Florida Avenue Market, in NE DC.
        Often referred to as the immigrant Costco it has a wide variety of offering at amazingly low prices. Its appeal is increased by the flea market on weekends. The Washington Post food section usually has an ad for their weekly specials.

        1. Halalco on Hillwood Ave. in Falls Church is the place for you. They supply huge quantities to area muslims for sacrifice during the EID festival.

          1. Thx so much for the replies. Plenty of places to try especially that ethnic costco, I've been to Grand Mart a bunch of times, but that CC market sounds great.

            I am not on any schedule or in a hurry.