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Jan 21, 2007 02:04 AM

oden is good cold weather food --> VILLAGE YOKOCHO

for apps we had fried pumpkin and also grilled chicken skin, beef tongue and quail eggs yakitori skewers. all were very good.

for mains we had miso cod and the warm weather hit of the new year so far -- the special oden hot pot. the broth can be a tad thin, so just make sure to add a little of the side of karashi hot mustard to spice it up. a very tasty, warm and filling soup stew.

to drink we just had tea w/ our meal as we went to angel's share for a drink afterward (mmm...i had an excellent old-fashioned). however, if you get oden some sake is recommended.

an oden recipe link:

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  1. I like oden, but have been scared off a bit from the time in Tokyo when our meal (oden restaurant seated 10 around a counter & tv) ended up way more expensive than meals at Daiwa or Kozue. All we had was ordinary oden with a few daikon, no egg.... It ended up around $200 for 2. I guess we must have stumbled on a chic spot. Tant pis. Anyway, I think the point is not 'broth' which is generally just dashi. Does Village Yokocho specialize in oden and what are prices and usual items?

    1. ...yokocho is one of my standard cheap eats place. thanks for the oden tip - it's something that i must explore the next time i'm there.

      1. i really like the oden at Ariyoshi in midtown, i haven't been there in a while, but it used to be awesome