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Jan 21, 2007 01:20 AM

Cafe Falai - Open?

Has anyone been yet (did it actually open this week, as scheduled?) I'm wondering if the menu is the same as the Panetteria or expanded.

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    1. I can confirm they're open--stopped by yesterday to pick up some bread. The menu does seem slightly expanded from Panetteria's, with some pasta and meat/fish dishes that I don't remember. Hours are something like 7am-8pm, BYOB for now.

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        Has the menu been posted anywhere? Still can't seem to find it online.

      2. I went today and got the DiPaolo ricotta with poached figs and almonds. It was amazing. The ricotta was like unsweetened ice cream. The almonds weren't just plain nuts that were haphzardly thrown on top. They were pieces of almond brittle. A great mix of sweet, soft and crunchy.

        Each table comes with freshly grilled bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. To die for!

        The other menu items are baked eggs (it's broiled, so the top comes out looking kind of like creme brulee), sandwiches, salad, soup (minestrone, tomato with potatoes), meatballs. I think the prices are reasonable for the quality. I will go again.

        1. Here's a review in today's Daily News. I'm the pic in the orange shirt!

          1. I've been twice this past week for breakfast/brunch. The food and coffee is delicious and I actually quite like the decor (although I will warn that the all white theme can hurt the eyes if you're nursing a hangover...) But - has anyone else noticed the haphazard service? Is it just me? Both times the place was practically empty (maybe 5 two-person tables max) and I waited the longest I can ever remember waiting for a cup of coffee. Trying to get the waiter's attention proved surprisingly difficult given the size of the restaurant. Is it just me?

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              i haven't been to cafe falai but the service is haphazard at the panetteria as well. gawker ( had a post about the rude staff at panetteria. it was pretty funny - check it out in their archives if you want a laugh.