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Jan 21, 2007 01:11 AM

With Calgary now smoke-free, have you tried places you wouldn't have before?

I'm wondering if anybody's changed their dining (and drinking?) choices since Calgary became smoke free.

Me, I finally made it to the James Joyce (on 8th) for lunch today. No, I had never done more than set foot in the place once when it wa smoking, never ate there. Had a lamb burger with amazing fries.

Went to see a very fun show at the High Performance Rodeo (this is the world's oldest juried performance art festival, NOT A RODEO, and yes it's in Calgary), partner and I had a beer at the Auburn- a place that was just horrid with smoke in the past. It was okay, too few people at 5ish on a Saturday though.

Anybody have any experiences to share, maybe from other cities too?

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  1. I haven't made it there yet but I love the wings at Nicastro's (Edmonton Trail & 20-ish NE). I ate there a few times before the smoking ban but found that the great wings were not great enough to deal with having to reek of smoke afterwards. We will head back there soon. I've been waiting to make sure that any hold-out smokers had stopped trying to buck the ban.

    1. John:

      Have not stayed in Calgary since the ban went into effect, maybe in a week or two.

      I was in Medicine Hat last week and what a difference. Being from Edmonton we have become habituated to the absence of smoke and I almost take it for granted that is what will be the case. Not so. I did not stay very long.

      1. A friend of mine loves the Silk Hat in Edmonton (greasy diner), but I refused to go in there anymore because I liked breathing smoke-free air. Now that there's a smoking ban I have no excuse. ;)