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May 10, 2005 03:14 PM

best eats near bush street ?

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Am staying in SF for 5 nights from tues next week and staying on Bush St , which i think is near Union Square (?).

Fish,fusion,vegetarian, mexican and italian all of interest.

As am travelling from UK am interested in seeing different areas of SF. In particular if there are any cool places to eat near to good bars, that would be great info to have.

Thanks 4 any help you can give.

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  1. Be sure to do a search for Union Square on the homepage. You will find many helpful posts on dining in the Union Square area already available to you here.

    Near the corner of Bush & Kearny Streets is Belden Alley, which runs parallel to Kearny and just east of it. Belden Alley contains 5 or 6 worthwile places to eat. On the Bush St. end of Belden is Sam's Grill (old-school seafood), then Cafe Bastille (casual French bistro), then Tiramisu (northern Italian), then Plouf (French seafood, great mussels), then B44 (Spanish/Catalan). At the Pine St. end of Belden is Brindisi (southern Italian seafood). Check them out an take your pick!

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      Frankly, you could do worse than spending your vacation eating all aound Belden Place.

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        Belden Place is also the perfect place to restaurant hop. The restauranteurs seem to all get along, and are very gracious about sharing business with each other (at least, it seems that way!)

        Here's an idea: mussels at Plouf (perhaps the best mussels in the city?), tapas at B44 (right up there in the top 5 for Spanish tapas in SF), dessert at Tiramisu (they have an beautiful sampler platter for two that's really enough for 4. Desserts range from delicious to so-so, but getting the sampler is so fun!), and vodka drinks at the vodka lounge (Voda? It's a hip newish scene). I only mention the restaurants I've been to; others who have been to all the restaurants may have better ideas.

    2. thanks 4 your help !

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        Robert Lauriston

        Bush Street runs halfway across the city, from downtown to Laurel Heights. Do you know the address or cross street?

        Neighborhoods with lots of good bars and good food include the Mission circa 16th and Valencia, Polk Street circa Post, and North Beach.

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          yeah staying at the orchard , 665 bush- near the chinatown gate i think

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            Try Sanraku on sutter/taylor. Must have the Sesame Chicken = perfect. Share that and supplement with various sushi, etc. It just simply isn't prepared better anywhere. Good Luck.